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Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide


At one point or another, we can find ourselves in a situation where we have put the wrong fuel in our car. There is no need to panic as Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to come and sort out any misfuelling mishaps no matter where you are. Be prepared for a misfuelling situation by reading through our wrong fuel guide.


Wrong Fuel Rescue:


Wrong Fuel Rescue is a proudly Australian company here to provide exceptional fuel draining services to Australia. We are misfuelling experts which means that we are the ones to call in your moment of need. Trust in the quality of our service and get back to your road trip with peace of mind.


Your time, money, and energy are as valuable to us as they are to you. We put you first by ensuring efficient and effective misfuelling services through a mobile solution. We are here for you any time of the day with our 24/7 assistance service.


Service Areas:


Since 2015, Wrong Fuel Rescue has revolutionised wrong fuel service in Australia. We aim to be able to assist as many Australians as possible in their time of need. Whether you are at the service station, home, work, or on the roadside, we can reach you at any of these major Australian cities.




3.Gold Coast

4.Sunshine Coast





Our Services:


There are four different misfuelling mishaps that can occur. Wrong Fuel Rescue is experienced in each misfuelling issue and can provide professional and effective fuel draining in any misfuelling situation.


1.Petrol in a Diesel Car.

2.Diesel in a Petrol Car.

3.Contaminated Fuel.

4.Fleet Solutions.




Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide:


Read through our quick guide which covers all you need to know about misfuelling and how Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help.


1) Wrong Fuel:


Every year thousands of Australian car drivers find themselves in the situation of having put the wrong fuel in their car. Misfuelling is often caused by being distracted whilst filling up your car, being in a rush, forgetting you have swapped cars that take a different fuel, or you are in an unfamiliar area with different filling stations.


Misfuelling can happen to anyone which means there is no need to feel embarrassed about the situation. Life is busy and exhausting and we cannot always fire on all cylinders. Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to provide you with the best advice and assistance in your moment of need.


We are misfuelling experts, but we also understand you. Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be stressful and frustrating. Our dedicated team will arrive at you and offer you an understanding and polite service. You will leave the misfuelling situation feeling fully informed and safe in your drained and refilled car.


2) Signs the Wrong Fuel is in Your Car:


Petrol and diesel are entirely different compounds. Petrol and diesel engines are made specifically to ensure that the car runs efficiently according to the way petrol and diesel works. When the wrong fuel is placed in your car engine, the combustion process is affected which can cause damage to your engine. These are some simple signs the wrong fuel is in your car.


Misfiring: The wrong fuel in your car engine can cause your car to misfire. Misfiring is when your car lurches while it idles, your acceleration is either slow or rough, your car sounds different, or your car vibrates. Misfiring is to do with the combustion process in your car’s engine and this process is affected by the wrong fuel.


Not Starting: An immediate sign your car engine has the wrong fuel is that it simply will not start. This is due to the engine not being able to combust as the wrong fuel is in your car tank.


Engine Cuts Out: Your engine is built to function specifically with either petrol or diesel. The wrong fuel will not work in your engine and this can lead to your engine ceasing to operate. This can be exceptionally scary and dangerous if driving on a busy road.


Smoking Exhaust: The incorrect fuel placed in your engine can cause your exhaust to emit thick, white smoke. This is to do with the fuel being not compatible with your car engine. If your exhaust is smoking it is suggested to pull over as soon as safely possible.




3) What Happens to Your Engine:


Petrol engines and diesel engines are constructed differently. Therefore, there will be different effects on each engine when you put the wrong fuel in your car. Misfuelling can have far-reaching and costly effects on your car engine.


If you put petrol into a diesel engine, your car engine will not be sufficiently lubricated whilst running. This can cause extensive damage to your car engine or cause your engine to fail.


Putting diesel into a petrol engine will insufficiently burn off the diesel whilst the engine combusts. This can cause damage to your car’s spark plugs, your oil lubricating system, and ultimately cause your engine to deteriorate rapidly.




4) What to Do:


Once you have realised you have put the wrong fuel in your car, it is important to act immediately. Follow these four easy steps in your misfuelling moment.


Do Not Panic: Not everyone is a car mechanic and when your car does not work or makes awful noises it is understandable to begin to panic. Panicking in this situation can exacerbate the situation. Panicking can cause you to make irrational decisions which can put your life at risk or damage your car engine beyond repair.


Turn Off Your Car: Once you notice any of the signs that the wrong fuel is in your car you must turn your car off immediately. This is for your safety and to help prevent your engine from being damaged. Turning off your car ensures that we can do our job quickly so that you get back on the road as soon as possible.


Phone Wrong Fuel Rescue: We are the best in the business and will easily help you with your misfuelling problems. We are available constantly to assist you with advice and can send a mechanic to you within the hour. Simply phone our hotline, tell one of our friendly and professional call attendants your situation and location, and await assistance.


Keep Calm and Wait for Assistance: Our team will be with you shortly to solve your misfuelling problems by draining and flushing your fuel system. Remain patient during this waiting time and avoid attempting to fix the problem yourself. We offer you a guarantee that our service will be efficient and effective.




5) What to Do if you Have Driven Your Car with the Wrong Fuel:


The best advice to avoid any engine damage is to not drive your car once you have put the wrong fuel in your car. This is often not the case in situations where we do not check our service station slip, do not receive a slip, or are distracted by passengers. Only do we realise the situation a few kilometres down the road.


Although you have now driven your car with the wrong fuel in the car engine, we are still able to help. 99% of misfuelling in cars which are driven can be fixed. Our team is made up of specialist fuel rescue mechanics who are highly experienced. There is no better solution to your misfuelling than our service.


There are a few instances where the damage is difficult to overcome. We will provide you with the best information so that you understand the situation fully. We will also advise you on your next best actions. While in these situations we cannot help with fixing your car engine, our focus is still on ensuring your well-being and will advising you fully.


6) Do Not Attempt to Drain Your Fuel Tank Yourself:


When our car begins to misfire or ceases to work, we immediately begin to see dollar signs. Misfuelling is a common mistake but unfortunately, this mistake is not covered by most car warranties. Traditional methods of dealing with misfuelling include getting your car towed and taking your car to a car dealership. Not only is this expensive but it is also time-consuming.


If you are hoping to skip this tedious and expensive option by attempting to drain your fuel tank yourself, we highly advise against this. Draining a fuel tank is not a simple procedure combined with the fact that many new cars do not have drain plugs fitted to their fuel tank. Draining your fuel tank requires an expert mechanic.


This is where Wrong Fuel Rescue steps in. We are professional fuel rescue mechanics. Our mobile solution enables us to bring our specifically equipped cars for fuel drainage to wherever you are. This removes the need for towing, finding your own transportation, and handling the issue with your car dealership.


We promise to be able to assist you within one hour of contacting us. Once we have arrived, you will be back on the road within forty-five minutes. Quick, efficient, and effective service is what we provide in your misfuelling moment. This saves you time, money, and energy so that you do not have to consider draining your fuel tank yourself.


7) Refuelling:


We understand that you were on your way to an important meeting, a social event, or were on a road trip and that you need to continue your journey. Organising alternative transport can be difficult, costly, and add extra time to your already wasted time dealing with the wrong fuel in your car. We bring an extra supply of fuel to you at cost price so that you can get back on the road quickly.




8) Waste Fuel Removal:


You do not need to worry about removing the drained fuel from your car. We are licenced waste carriers that ensure that all waste fuel is removed for you. Our waste removal services are in line with the Dangerous Goods regulations.


Our waste removal is also in line with the environmental protection agency (EPA). The EPA tracks and records every drop of waste fuel and ensures that it is not disposed of in a way that is damaging to the surrounding environment. You can drive away from your wrong fuel situation without worrying about your waste fuel removal.


Printable Guide for Wrong Fuel Rescue:


Print this quick Wrong Fuel Rescue guide and keep it in your car for any moment of need!




Be fully prepared if you ever find yourself in the situation where you have the wrong fuel in your car with this Wrong Fuel Rescue guide.


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Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith
05:32 22 Sep 19
From the moment We rang to book in the job, Nathan arrived at my door step 25min later. This Was my 1st experience with “Wrong fuel rescue” and Nathan ensured that it was effortless... he was beyond helpful, full of knowledge, fast and efficient & incredibly kind. I would recommend this company as there services are fantastic and ther staff are an absolute delight to work with. Thank you so much Nathan
Phil Connew
Phil Connew
04:42 22 Sep 19
Thanks, Steven for the great rescue mission you performed this morning. Great communication from the outset. I highly recommended this company. He explained everything well. The car's running perfectly. Cheers.
Ataahua Hapeta-Taereau
Ataahua Hapeta-Taereau
05:44 15 Sep 19
Had the worse day ever! Started that by putting over $70 of petrol in my diesel car! Only to realise this ONCE we have driven off and the car stopped working! I googled frantically, with heavy breath and stressed fingers! Thank god I found these guys! Who came within 30minutes and Simon was fantastic! Very calming, informative, & polite. It made the situation a lot more comforting. Such an easy mistake that’s costly, but wrong fuel rescue understood the financial stress and delivered a fixed price. I am beyond impressed and cannot praise enough. It was done within a hour. Don’t go anywhere else. These are your go-to guys.
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
08:56 14 Sep 19
Excellent service and very timely. Was able to relieve any stress and reassure no damage even though driven for 2km. Would highly recommend. Simon was excellent and was very efficient and reassuring. Also John was great on call centre. All my stress has gone. Cant thank you enough Simon.
Jacqui Pasquale
Jacqui Pasquale
10:52 09 Aug 19
I couldn’t believe I put the wrong fuel in my car, a quick call to Wrong Fuel Rescue and all my worries were alleviated. Zane made his way to me and worked his magic and my car was as good as new. The service from my first call to when Zane saw me safely to a fuel station to refuel correctly was impeccable. I have no hesitation in recommending this professional and friendly business. I’m very grateful. Zane’s attention to safely should also be addressed. What a great service a big thumbs up from me. Thank you Zane for your efforts in getting me up and running again.
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