The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Toyota Camry


Returning in a sportier and more refined build, the Toyota Camry has been reimagined across the range, enhancing its already bold aesthetic. But the enhancements go beyond the surface. Inside you’ll find more power, more fun, more technology and more safety features. Read the Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Toyota Camry for more details on this incredible sedan.


The Camry is a mainstay of Toyota’s passenger-car product portfolio right around the world, and has been without a doubt the most successful medium passenger car sold in Australia for many years. Initially brought to our shores in 1983 as a fully imported liftback model, the Toyota Camry entered local production in a new generation from 1987. Since 2010 the Toyota Camry Hybrid was introduced, offering buyers the choice of affordable eco-friendly motoring.


It has remained continuously on sale in Australia since, and was briefly featured as an import once more in 2018. The success of the Toyota Camry has been underpinned by its appeal to fleet buyers, the Toyota offering affordable running costs from a relatively large, practical family-car package.


The latest Camry range has been redesigned for a sportier, sleeker and more dynamic appearance. Toyota also implemented connected technology designed to connect you to help in the event of an emergency. With a more powerful 4-cylinder petrol engine, now producing 152kW, enhanced safety features including intelligent Toyota Safety Sense technologies, the Camry provides a well-rounded, comfortable and safe driving experience.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to choosing the right Toyota Camry


The variants in the Camry range offer something different to suit different drivers. Toyota patrons can choose between the Ascent, Ascent Sport, SX, and SL to suit their motoring needs.


The Camry Ascent is built for the family of today with a myriad of safety features and will redefine your expectations. The Ascent is also the only variant that has the option of a petrol engine, along with the choice of the hybrid engine used across the latest Camry range.


Adding a touch of class, the Ascent Sport is enhanced with a rear spoiler and sports grille. Made to stand out from the crowd.


A fusion of classy and sporty, the Camry SX rides on 19″ alloy wheels with sports-tuned suspension, paddle shift, and sports leather accented seats.


Finally, for the ultimate style and luxury drive, the Camry SL offers heated and cooled front seats, a panoramic view monitor, a panoramic roof, and Head-Up Display.


Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Toyota Camry’s Performance


We’ll be focusing on the petrol variant of the Camry since it’s the more popular and accessible model – and because of the danger that comes with incorrectly fueling the engine, but we’re here to help with that. The Camry packs plenty of horsepower from the advanced engines paired with leading-edge transmissions and sensitive steering that keeps you in touch with your drive.


With a sports transmission making an exciting drive, the petrol variant of the Camry Ascent is blessed with an exciting 8-speed gearbox along with a fuel tank capacity of 70 L. The Camry also features a new 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine producing a heart-racing 152kW of power, 243Nm torque, and has a fuel economy of 6.3L per 100km. CO2 emissions are said to be about 155g/km.


The Hybrid Option: Toyota brought hybrid engine technology to the Prius, and it soon applied it to the Camry range. Today, the Camry still seamlessly integrates the high torque of a battery-powered electric motor with the power of a petrol-driven combustion engine to deliver 160kW.


Wrong Fuel Rescue explores the Toyota Camry’s design


The 2022 Camry has a striking look of athleticism, a stance, and poise that invites drivers to take it for a spin. However, sitting behind the wheel gives the unmissable feeling of sophistication, luxury, and purpose. The Camry’s exterior showcases a more refined and athletic look thanks to redesigned front spoiler and grille, rear lights and wheels (and new headlamps in the SX and SL models)


Interior upgrades have been made all across the cabin, adding to an already sophisticated space. The Ascent Sport and above grades feature a central display in the form of a 9-inch colour touchscreen which has moved to a more driver-friendly position. The Camry delivers incredible boot space and clever in-cabin storage. Giving 524 litres of storage space for everything you might need. Storage size may vary depending on the chosen grade.


Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to Technology in the Toyota Camry


The Camry is bursting with intelligent technology and intuitive features that support your every move. From your everyday interactions with the world, to emergency situations, Toyota has seemingly made a smarter way to do it.


At the centre of the Ascent Sport, SX, and SL console is a 9” touchscreen display, offering the driver a clear and intuitive way to control navigation, monitor performance, and control media. In the SL variant you’ll hear music, podcasts and audiobooks in near-perfect clarity thanks to a 9-speaker JBL audio system.


The Camry SL exclusively features a heads-up display that projects important driver information such as speed and navigation onto the windscreen ensuring that your eyes can stay focused on the road.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – Connecting to your apps, playlists, messages, and calls on the go is simple in the Camry. Enjoy everything you need from your phone via voice command with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is advised that you speak to your dealer about device compatibility.


Every new model Camry is equipped with Toyota Connected Services, for a complimentary 3 years of access, giving you Toyota’s own suite of technology focused on safety and security, convenience, and a better driving experience.


Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to Safety in the Toyota Camry


The Camry has a legacy of safety and protection, and now features the best of Toyota’s intelligent safety technology, Toyota Safety Sense, as well as exceptional passive safety features.


The Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS) detects potential collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and during daylight, cyclists. This intelligent safety technology constantly monitors in front and will even sense other lanes when turning across intersections. In some scenarios, it will help avoid or reduce the impact of a potential collision by using the brakes or Emergency Steering Assist.


In Ascent Sport and higher grades, Blind Spot Monitor uses radar to alert you to vehicles in blind spots, while Rear Cross Traffic Alert alerts you to vehicles approaching from either side, when reversing out of a parking space or laneway.


SRS Airbags – 7 airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag, surround you and your passengers, helping to keep everyone in the car as safe as possible.


Dynamic Cruise Control monitors traffic and helps to keep a safe distance from the car in front to ensure you’re focused on the road, not your speedometer. Working with the Road Sign Assist setting, it will also prompt you to adjust your set speed to the current road speed limit with the push of a small button.


Stay on track with the help of the Camry’s Lane Trace Assist which senses when you’re drifting out of your lane and will apply force to the steering wheel to help keep you in between the lines. Road Sign Assist recognises certain Australian speed signs and alerts you if the speed limit changes.


Standard across the Camry range, the with Back Guide Monitor gives you a view beyond the range of a rear view mirror, helping you see exactly what’s behind you.


For extra safety, The wide range of Toyota Genuine Accessories, can help make your Camry safer and more thrilling than you ever imagined.


  • Bonnet Protector – Protect your Camry from road debris.
  • Rear Bumper Protection Plate – Protect the paint and finish on your bumper.
  • Rear Parking Sensors – Reverse into the tightest of parking spots.
  • Towing Kit – Includes tow bar, ball and wiring harness, so you can take even more with you.
  • Headlamp Covers – Protect your headlights f Reverse camerarom chips and breakage.
  • Slimline Weathershields – Restrict the entry of wind and rain.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your Toyota Camry?


Mis-fuelling happens when you add the wrong fuel type to your vehicle, whether that be adding petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. This is an unfortunately common mistake that can happen to anyone at any time, and more often than not, mis-fuelling your vehicle is a result of distraction, driver tiredness, or driver confusion. It’s an honest mistake and one shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. We won’t judge you for this error, but your car won’t be too forgiving when misfuelling.


We at Wrong Fuel Rescue have come to the aid of many Toyota Camry drivers who have accidentally added the wrong fuel to their vehicle. However, you can prevent this from happening by paying close attention, and even if you make the mistake of mis-fuelling, Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help.


It’s possible to mis-fuel your Toyota Camry by adding diesel to the petrol engine. Filling your Camry engine with the wrong fuel is a very serious but frequent mishap that can become quite costly if not addressed immediately, here’s why:


It’s a significant risk to have petrol contamination in a diesel vehicle – due to petrol having a higher calorific value and diesel having a higher compression ratio – meaning that you shouldn’t ignore the dangers that come with mis-fuelling. Repairing will most likely be expensive as this may cause damage to the engine’s internal components and fuel lines.


The petrol engine of the Toyota Camry is not made to cope with the properties of diesel. If you drive a petrol engine with diesel in the fuel tank, the fuel filter could possibly clog up because it’s not designed to handle the greasy property of diesel.


If the fuel somehow moves any further, it can cause problems for the fuel injectors. The mixture of fuels will result in soot build-up that might cause spark plug failure.


If you have filled up your Toyota Camry with the incorrect fuel, one or more of the following signs will occur:


  • Slower acceleration
  • A loud, knocking sound from the vehicle’s interior
  • Lackluster performance
  • Significant amounts of smoke emerging from the exhaust
  • The vehicle suddenly cutting out.
  • Stuttering movements from the vehicle whilst driving
  • Clouds of smoke may emerge from the exhaust pipe


If you notice any, or all, of the above warning signs, your best bet is to pull over as soon as you can safely do so and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. In order to prevent further damage to your Toyota Camry or vehicle of choice, resist the temptation to keep driving to your nearest fuel station or repair shop. Instead, give Wrong Fuel Rescue a call and we will assist you in record time and get you safely back on the road.