The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the VW Passat


The latest Volkswagen Passat brings power, comfort and a fresh look, providing a versatile driving experience. Whether you’re heading to the office, visiting a friend or having a weekend getaway with the family, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in a vehicle that’s ready for anything. Volkswagen’s range of premium wagons makes its way from the German production line into Australian retailers, with the latest offering coming in the form of the new Passat R-Line, featuring Golf R power with wagon space. Read on as Wrong Fuel Rescue takes you through the VW Passat.


Choosing the right Passat for you


The latest variants of the Volkswagen Passat include the Sedan, SUV and Wagon. Each VW Passat variant is fueled by Premium Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Sedan 2.0L 7 SP Auto Direct Shift to the Wagon 2.0L 6 SP Direct Shift.


Volkswagen Australia has limited the sale of the 2022 Volkswagen Passat sedan to police fleets only, and not for public purchase. However, the popular Volkswagen Passat wagon will remain on sale locally for all buyers. The release of the Passat R-Line wagon comes after a four-year wait for updates to the Passat range and follows the launching of VW’s Arteon R-Line wagon, featuring similar specs to the Passat.


We will be highlighting the wagon’s performance, tech features, and what to do when filling up the Passat with the incorrect fuel – Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help if you do. The wagon is also available in various classes, including the AllTrack, Elegance, and the prestigious R-line.


Wrong Fuel Rescue guide Performance in the VW Passat


The VW Passat wagon is an all-wheel drive 4-door with 5 seats, offering balance between work, family and everything in-between. Volkswagen aims to provide wagon drivers the tools to be prepared for wherever life takes you.


There are two engine options to choose from: the 162TSI and the more powerful 206TSI. The latter is a 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder engine that pumps out 206 kW of power (at 5600 rpm) and 350 Nm of torque (at 1700 rpm) via a Six-speed Auto Direct Shift transmission.


Both of the TSI engines feature the latest direct fuel injection technology, which shoots petrol directly into each cylinder at higher pressures, ensures that combustion is more efficient. This in turn increases fuel economy. And by making more torque available at lower revs, Volkswagen’s TSI petrol engines are even cleaner and more economical — all without forfeiting any performance.


Volkswagen claims the Passat 206TSI R-Line uses 8.1L/100km of Premium Unleaded Petrol in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out 186g of CO2. It has a 66L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 815km per full tank. The R-Line also has a 142mm ground clearance with a 2000kg braked and 750kg unbraked towing capacity.


The German manufacturer’s 4MOTION all-wheel-drive technology ensures maximum grip and stability and is available in the R-Line version. When used alongside Adaptive Chassis Control, it will automatically respond to road conditions. When Volkswagen designed the first TSI petrol engine, it set out to maximise power from a smaller displacement while limiting fuel consumption. What it achieved was a radical departure from the conventional.


A central element of TSI technology has always been downsizing to increase efficiency, so that three cylinders replace four, and 1.2 litres replace 1.6—all while enhancing performance. Now available in most Volkswagen models, the TSI petrol engine’s benefits are clear: that less is much, much more.


Despite all this advanced technology, TSI engine units do not require any more space under the bonnet. Indeed, they are lightweight and hard-wearing, as one would expect from Volkswagen. Its engineers’ mission to reduce engine sizes — and in turn emissions and consumption — while still enhancing response and performance, might once have sounded ambitious. But in the TSI, they have achieved new standards in petrol technology.


Wrong Fuel Rescue explores the VW Passat’s Design


Exuding confidence, class, and functionality, the VW Passat has the ultimate combination of a spacious interior and dynamic styling. The wagon is designed to give you more convenience, reliability, and comfort than ever.


With graceful lines on a dynamic body, the new Passat Wagon is simply charming with a hint of athleticism. VW has provided a wide range of elegant colours to choose from. It features heated front seats with driver massage and leather appointed4 trim, so you’ll always feel pleasant inside even if it isn’t outside.


A dynamic exterior isn’t complete without its bold wheels. Make the road your runway with 18” Liverpool alloy wheels in the Elegance and 19” all-black Pretoria wheels in the R-Line. Whether you’re letting some light in or admiring the stars, the panoramic glass sunroof will be a big hit with your passengers. Only available in the Elegance and R-Line.


For those looking to upgrade, the sporty R-Line Package doesn’t just look the part; it feels it too. Complete with Nappa leather upholstery, a leather-trimmed multi-functional steering wheel, stainless steel pedals, sports seats and decorative aluminium inserts –The R-line package is made to enhance your driving experience in every sense.


Wrong Fuel Rescue guide the VW Passat’s Technology


The Passat Wagon features the latest intuitive and easy-to-use tech that’ll make your life a little easier when things get busy. Bring your world into the new Passat Wagon Elegance and R-Line with the Digital Cockpit Pro and 9.2” Discover Pro Navigation System, Wireless App-Connect6 with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto included. Voice and gesture control comes standard and allows you to choose your favourite tunes and plan your route safely while keeping your eyes on the road.


Enhance every drive with ambient lighting in the new Passat Wagon R-Line. Customisable with up to 30 colours in the R-Line, it’s a design statement that can add a personal touch to every trip. Find the perfect temperature at your fingertips with effortless climate touch controls for you and your passenger. Plus, with a third set of controls in the back, your rear passengers can even set their own temperature too. But, if the younger ones start fighting over it, you will be able to lock it through the infotainment system.


The optional premium audio system by Harman Kardon delivers superior sound with a personalised listening experience. Choose a setting to match your mood from – Pure, Chill Out, Live and Energy – and experience every song as the artist intended.


Wrong Fuel Rescues checks the VW Passat’s Safety features


Drive smarter with the VW Passat’s intuitive safety features made with the purpose of making your drive easy, efficient and safe. The new Passat Wagon’s IQ.DRIVE technology features a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems to give you the confidence you deserve.


VW puts safety first by using a range of applications to ensure optimal driving control. Using a multi-function camera and radar, your semi-autonomous assistant, Travel Assist, can help you stay within lane markings, monitor potential collisions and adapt your speed to traffic situations.


The Passat Wagon also has features that look out for the safety of the passengers and not just the driver. Front Assist and Proactive Occupant Protection are systems that detect hazards and activate protective mechanisms to tighten seatbelts, roll the windows up, or even bring the car to a stop.


Emergency Assist – Combines the functions of Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. The system is alerted when no steering, braking, or acceleration activity is detected despite sensing traffic ahead. Initially, the system attempts to wake the driver by steering jerks, and finally, emergency stop-starts and hazard warning lights are activated.


Proactive Occupant Protection System – Automatically initiates protective mechanisms when a potential hazard is identified – seatbelts tighten, windows roll up leaving a slight crack.


Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP) – With the antilock braking system (ABS) and the traction control system supports the driver in critical situations.


The Elegance and R-Line come with IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights. This feature makes night driving safer and more comfortable, so you can have complete confidence at any time.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your VW Passat?


As a driver, you may have heard of the term mis-fuelling, and hopefully you haven’t experienced it yet. Just in case you are unfamiliar, here’s a brief definition that might save you and your Passat:


Mis-fuelling happens when you add the wrong fuel type to your vehicle, whether that be adding petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. Now, this is nothing to be embarrassed about as it is sadly a common mistake. We won’t judge you for this error, but your car won’t be too forgiving when misfuelling, which is why we’re prepared to help you should you make this mistake.


Wrong Fuel Rescue has helped many VW Passat drivers who have accidentally filled up their tanks with diesel fuel. As you know, The Passat is powered by Premium Unleaded Petrol, meaning that diesel is a no-go. Filling your Passat engine with the wrong fuel is a very serious but frequent mishap that can become quite costly if not addressed immediately, here’s why:


Petrol is a thin fuel and diesel is thick. Therefore, the petrol engine is not made to cope with the properties of diesel. If you drive a petrol engine with diesel in the fuel tank, the fuel filter could possibly clog up because it’s not designed to handle the greasy property of diesel


Due to petrol having a higher calorific value and diesel having a higher compression ratio, the different engines weren’t made to handle other kinds of fuel – meaning that you shouldn’t ignore the dangers that come with mis-fuelling. Repairing will most likely be expensive as this may cause damage to the engine’s internal components and fuel lines.


If the fuel manages to move further along the engine, it can cause problems for the fuel injectors. The mixture of fuels will result in soot build-up that might cause spark plug failure.


If you have filled up your VW Passat with the incorrect fuel, one or more of the following signs will occur:


  • Less powerful acceleration and performance
  • Loud knocking sounds from inside the vehicle
  • Significant amounts of smoke emerging from the exhaust
  • The vehicle suddenly cutting out.
  • Stuttering movements from the vehicle whilst driving
  • Clouds of smoke may emerge from the exhaust pipe


If you notice any, or all, of the above warning signs, your best bet is to pull over as soon as you can safely do so and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. In order to prevent further damage to your VW Passat or vehicle of choice, resist the temptation to keep driving to your nearest fuel station or repair shop. Instead, give Wrong Fuel Rescue a call and we will assist you in record time and get you safely back on the road.