The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Toyota HiAce


The Toyota HiAce vehicles offer a powerful and comfortable solution to multi-passenger travel and are becoming increasingly popular amongst Austrslians who are looking to ditch retrograde solo-travel and opt for an economical and enjoyable commute. Read our short Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Toyota HiAce and find out which model suits you best and what safety features will come into play when you’re driving a HiAce.


Toyota HiAce


The Toyota HiAce is the ultimate choice for the true worker-on-wheels offering an enormous workspace to make your own, already filled with features and conveniences to make it that much more comfortable. The engine is surrounded by sound absorbing material and is placed at the front of the cabin, ensuring less noise when you make use of the fully lit interior. The windows and exterior panels have been engineered to allow as much vision out of the vehicle as possible whilst also bringing in as much natural light as possible, making the HiAce a pleasure to drive.


The panels and switches of the cabin have been ergonomically designed to ensure an easy reach when needed and the steering wheel comes with a selection of controls so you can always maintain your concentration where it’s needed most. The steering wheel can be outfitted with telephone controls for hands free operation, audio and voice control, cruise control and Lane Departure Alert to keep you straight towards your destination and keep any swerves to a minimum. The HiAce is one of the most powerful models of the Toyota range and is available in a 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine or a 3.5 litre petrol engine, so whether it’s moving some furniture packed in the back or towing the neighbours old car, you know you’ve got a partner that can handle the load.


The 3.5 litre petrol LWB and SLWB vans have Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide (VVT-iW) which helps the engine deliver more power and remain responsive while also remaining fuel efficient. The diesel variants of the HiAce come with an automatic stop and start system that will monitor the movements of your car and automatically stop the engine from running at traffic stops and during congestion to further save on fuel, the engine automatically restarts when you take your foot off of the brake if you are in an automatic and when you engage the clutch in a manual. The LWB petrol and LWB diesel models come with an intelligent 6-speed manual transmission that has been engineered to automatically balance the engine speed to ensure the smoothest gear changes possible and provides incredible control and performance during pull-offs and travelling up hills.


The HiAce comes packed with the latest technology to back up its status as the ultimate mobile workspace, when you enter the front of the cabin you are met with the 8” touchscreen display that comes equipped with a satellite navigation system that is integrated with SUNA Live Traffic to provide you with up-to-date traffic information and keep you on the shortest and most efficient routes possible. You’ll be able to connect and play anything on the AM/FM/digital radio/audio unit with USB ports and Bluetooth allowing you to seamlessly connect smartphones or audio devices. Whether you use Apple or Android, if you have a compatible smartphone model you can make use of the Bluetooth system to run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to truly make this space your own.


Toyota HiAce models


Toyota is renowned for producing high-quality vehicles that undoubtedly meet consumer needs, and their venture into the van and commuter realm is no exception. There is a Toyota HiAce to meet anyone’s needs, all with different attractions, with a choice between the LWB Van, the LWB Crew Van, the SLWB Van, the SLWB Commuter and the Commuter GL. The LWB Van is a great addition to the HiAce range and boasts power, safety, tech and is incredibly spacious. The LWB Van is fitted with a 2.8l turbo diesel engine which provides optimal power even with a full load of commuters.


This van is available in either a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission and is sporting 16 inch steel wheels. It has both left and right side sliding doors for ultimate convenience and if you’re concerned about driving such a large vehicle and fitting into parking spots, Toyota has included a reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and a Blind Spot Monitor. Some of the features on the LWB Van include Lane Departure Alert, the Toyota Safety Sense with Pre-Collision Safety System, Road Sign Assist and Auto High Beam. Drive in comfort with front air conditioning and a 2-speaker infotainment system with satellite navigation.


The LWB Crew Van has many of the same bells and whistles as the regular LWB van apart from a few additions including more storage space and 9 SRS airbags, whereas the LWB only has 7 SRS airbags. The SLWB Van is also fitted with a 2.8l turbo diesel engine and has a 6-speed automatic transmission and 16 inch steel wheels, but also has a leather accented steering wheel for style, and the ultimate convenience feature of overhead storage for passengers. The SLWB Commuter is the introduction into the commuter range and offers comfort and convenience for both the driver and all passengers.


The SLWB Commuter is also fitted with a 2.8l turbo diesel engine (6-speed automatic transmission) and 16 inch steel wheels. This model boasts air conditioning for all passengers and has 4 speakers, 3 airbags, a centre console tray, a glass roof escape hatch for emergencies, and of course Toyota Safety Sense. The final model in the HiAce range is the Commuter GL which is fitted with the same features as the SLWB Commuter, but has an automatic left side sliding door (SLWB Commuter’s door is manual) and 6 separate USB ports as well as 6 speakers to keep passengers entertained and fully-charged.


Toyota Hiace Safety


There are many features and characteristics that drivers look out for when purchasing a vehicle; some may value power and speed, and some may value comfort and aesthetics. At Wrong Fuel Rescue we believe that safety should be the top priority and the top element to consider when looking for a vehicle. The safety factor is that much more relevant when it is a multi-passenger vehicle that will be transporting numerous people.


The Toyota HiAce range offers competitive safety features that are all made possible with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), which is a combination of safety and driver assistance features and technology that protect both the driver and the surrounding people, vehicles and environment. Toyota Safety Sense comes standard across the Toyota HiAce range and includes, to name a few, Pre-Collision Safety (PCS), Road Sign Assist (RSA), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Brake Assist (BA), which are all valuable features at Wrong Fuel Rescue.


The Pre-Collision Safety system will detect potential hazards that may be around the vehicle, including when another vehicle stops suddenly, and will alert the driver. The PCS system includes Daytime Cyclist and Daytime/Nighttime pedestrian detection which will assess the surroundings of the vehicle and alert the driver if there is a cyclist or pedestrian nearby, aimed at avoiding collisions. Road Sign Assist will analyse the speed signs around the HiAce as it travels and will then display them on the Multi Information Display (MID) for the driver. If the displayed speed is lower than the speed of the vehicle, a visual alert warning will pop up, advising the driver of the speed limit.


Lane Departure Alert (LDA) is an innovative technology that monitors the road markings around the vehicle and will warn the driver if they drift out of the lane, with a visible and audible alert. The HiAce also has a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert which will both alert the driver if there is a vehicle sitting in the blind spot, and warn the driver when they are reversing if another vehicle is approaching from either side. Automatic High Beam, available across the range, uses a camera to detect if a vehicle is approaching and will automatically switch between high and low beam lights when necessary, which ensures that you aren’t the inconsiderate driver blinding other drivers on the road.


Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Brake Assist (BA) work together to avoid accidents and will use a radar to detect if there is an imminent collision, If the collision is seemingly unavoidable, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will kick in and automatically apply the brakes to the vehicle, slowing it down and giving the driver time to react and avoid harm. These safety features are Wrong Fuel Rescue approved!


Wrong fuel rescue for a Toyota HiAce


Adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can happen to anyone at any time, and Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help. To avoid adding the wrong fuel to your Toyota HiAce, our best advice at Wrong Fuel Rescue is to always double check the pump before filling up. Below are some indicators from Wrong Fuel Rescue that you should be wary of as they can increase the risk of adding the wrong fuel to your HiAce:


1.Filling up at a different fuel servo to your usual one – don’t assume hose colours are the same as your local servo and always double check

2.Switching between brands, different hose/nozzle colours

3.Swapping between cars (using different fuel) at home or work – it’s easy to ‘forget’ which car you’re filling and which fuel it needs

4.It’s a new car using different fuel to your old car

5.You are distracted by your passengers while filling up

6.You are in a rush


If you are a proud Toyota HiAce driver, you should be prepared for a wrong fuel scenario by understanding the Wrong Fuel Rescue warning signs to look out for.


If you have put petrol in your diesel HiAce you may notice:


1.A loud knocking sound whilst driving or whilst the engine is idling

2.An excessive amount of smoke coming from your exhaust

3.Slower than usual acceleration and reduced performance

4.Your engine warning light may illuminate

5.Your engine may stop altogether

6.Your car struggles or fails to start


If you have put diesel into your petrol HiAce some of the things you may notice:


1.Your engine misfires causing your vehicle to feel like it is jerking down the road

2.Excess smoke from your exhaust caused from unburnt fuel (diesel)

3.Your engine cuts out

4.Your engine won’t start no matter how many times you try to turn it over


Wrong Fuel Rescue has rescued hundreds of Toyota HiAce over the years and is proud to be Australia’s most trusted, quickest and cost effective solution to getting your HiAce’s fuel tank drained and back on the road.


With our Australian based call center and skilled roadside assistance mechanics located across the country, we are the quickest and most cost-effective solution for all Toyota HiAce models. If you have put petrol in your diesel HiAce or diesel in your petrol vehicle, simply remain calm and wait for Wrong Fuel Rescue and our timely service to get you back to work, your off-road adventure, or your family.