The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Renault Koleos


Luxury and functionality are seamlessly blended to create the ever-impressive Renault Koleos. The Renault Koleos is a five-seater SUV that is particularly suited for large families, as it is a comfortable and spacious vehicle that is well-equipped with safety features and smart tech. Drivers will be able to enjoy business class comfort on their everyday adventures in this elegant SUV. Keep reading to learn the specs and history of this versatile vehicle as well as what to do if you should accidentally misfuel your Renault Koleos.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The History of Renault Motor Vehicles


The Renault motor company was founded in 1898 by Louis Renaults and his brother. The Renault brothers had always shown a keen interest in cars and were mainly known for their success in car racing, each of them making a name for themselves by lapping up the wins at the motor races time and again.


Once they had founded the Renault company, the brothers began to set up factories for motor vehicle production in 1905. At that point, they began mass-producing many different kinds of motor vehicles. The Renault motor vehicle company got their start particularly by developing and distributing vehicles that could assist in the first World War, including trucks, FT17 tanks, stretchers, and even ambulances.


At the turn of 1919, they began to expand their business by modernising their production premises. However, the company’s growth was limited by the social and economic crisis which was prevalent at the time due to the war. Eventually, Renault was nationalised in 1945, and became Regie Nationale des Usines Renault (RNUR), acting as an important French asset against mounting pressure from German forces during the Second World War. With its nationalisation came its international expansions. The corporation grew considerably, and its plants were modernised as a result.


This gave way to the Renault Corporation’s first big success: the 4CV. The 4CV was instantly dubbed the “small car for everybody,” as it was designed for comfort and ease of use for the broader public. Thereafter, the Renault 4 and Renault 5 followed, both equally popular in the motor vehicle market. The Renault 16 was then released as an up-market version of its predecessors and was hailed for its comfortable interiors and practical luxury. These vehicles only increased the popularity of the Renault corporation, and the company continued to grow exponentially throughout the 80s, all the while gaining respect for its impressive ability to develop cars that could compete in rally racing.


Furthermore, rally racing is really what put Renault on the map, as it was only when the brand entered one of its vehicles into a motorsport Formula 1 race that we saw Renault become a household name. This popularity was further reinforced by the launch of the Renault 25 and the Espace vehicle, both of which were immensely popular with car dealers and drivers. However, it wasn’t until 1996 when the company was privatised again after years of nationalisation, that the corporation began to take off. Renault saw great achievements in Formula 1 racing, and its innovation in car production with the Megane and the Laguna range only helped to put the corporation on the map.


Furthermore, the Renault Corporation’s investment in the Nissan company, which was first established in 1999, only helped to consolidate its position in the motor vehicle industry. Their new alliance encouraged them to develop more motor vehicle ranges, and take on emerging markets internationally. This international exposure was enhanced when Renault acquired Samsung Motors and Dacia, and later their alliance with Mitsubishi Motors.Today, Renault is known around the world for its contributions to motorsport, particularly rallying, Formula E and Formula 1, as well as their affordable and reliable vehicles for everyday drivers who need to get around in style.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Renault Koleos Interior


One of the joys of owning a Renault Koleos is the stylish interior. The leather steering wheel makes for an easy and smooth drive as well as a customisable ride thanks to its adjustable height and reach, while the black fabric upholstery keeps you cushioned in your seat and comfortable throughout. This is further complemented by the air conditioning with rear seat ducts. The onboard experience is also stepped up with the addition of a premium Arkamys 3D Sound System, which provides an immersive and atmospheric ambience on your journeys. Below is a brief summary of the Renault Koleos smart technology features that drivers of this SUV will be able to appreciate.


Wrong Fuel Rescue: Renault Koleos Smart Technology Features (Dynamique)


  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • R-Link 2.8.7” Capacitive touchscreen with A/C control/display
  • USB connectivity plugs (including iPod, 1 jack and 2 rear USB charging plugs)
  • Eco Drive
  • Eco Scoring
  • Automatic locking
  • Adaptive airbags
  • Hill start assist
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Parking and rear view camera
  • Blind spot warning system
  • LED dashboard with ambient lighting
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Cruise control
  • Speed limiter


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Renault Koleos Exterior


The Renault Koleos certainly draws attention with its attractive and smart exterior. In classic Renault fashion, the car is recognizable for its athletic curves and sleek attention to detail, both of which give this car a great personality and a memorable aesthetic overall. At first glance, you’ll notice the chrome inserts that sit elegantly alongside the headlamps at the front. From there, you’ll see full LED lighting on the car, as well as 18-inch alloy wheels.


Beyond that, the car asserts itself boldly with its broad shoulders and sizable side panels, both of which contribute to a robust overall appearance. This is further accentuated by the broad wheelbase, which affirms its adventure-readiness and roadworthy capacity. Drivers can decide whether they’d like to purchase the car in White Solid, Millesim Red, Highland Silver, or Titanium Grey.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Renault Koleos Engine Requirements


The Renault Koleos engine requires petrol for fuelling. Misfuelling your petrol Renault Koleos with diesel can lead to dire consequences for your vehicle. While misfuelling may seem like a small mishap, the damage that this can do to your car’s engine and functionality is quite serious. Placing diesel in a petrol Renault Koleos engine can clog up the spark plugs and fuel system, preventing the car from starting. Because diesel is much thicker than petrol, the fuel pump will struggle to process the mixture, and it will ultimately cause a misfire that can emit alarming amounts of smoke.


Not only will this affect your mobility and ease of movement, but you’ll likely also have to spend a lot of money repairing your vehicle if you do not deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, Wrong Fuel Rescue is a registered service provider that can assist you with any of your misfuelling mishaps. If you find yourself in a situation where you have placed diesel in your petrol Renault Koleos, you can simply give us a call and we will send one of our dedicated staff members to drain your fueling system. With Wrong Fuel Rescue, a misfuel doesn’t have to mean the end of your beloved SUV.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue for Your Renault Koleos?


In the event of misfuelling your petrol Renault Koleos with diesel, there are a few important steps to take in order to preserve your engine. Without doing these things, and implementing our key actions, you may seriously risk damaging your car and put yourself in a precarious situation where expensive engine repairs can easily break the bank. But while it’s always important to be cautious in these scenarios, there is no need to panic when Wrong Fuel Rescue is just a call away.Misfuelling is often easily fixable if you do what’s required of you as speedily and cautiously as possible.


A large portion of our clients have had to deal with the repercussions of a mislabeled jerry can, causing them to fill up their petrol tanks with diesel or vice versa. If you have misfuelled your petrol Renault Koleos with diesel, the first thing to keep in mind is that you absolutely must not start your engine. Starting your engine, or even just putting your key in the ignition, will prime the electric pump in the tank and cause your engine to start circulating the fuel throughout the car, thereby causing contamination.


Rather than cause issues with one of your bigger assets, take some time to call the Wrong Fuel Rescue team. Our Wrong Fuel Rescue team will quickly provide you with someone who can assist you with fuel draining. Once they have carried out a full fuel draining, you can safely refill your tank with the correct fuel and go on your way without worry.


Alternatively, if you have already started your Renault Koleos up, and you are driving the vehicle, you will be at risk of breaking down. If this happens, we highly recommend that you call someone from the Wrong Fuel Rescue team immediately to help you flush the tank. However, it must be noted that since the engine was started, the fuel would probably have contaminated the engine and the spark plugs will likely have to be cleaned or even replaced to remove any residual, harmful carbon deposits. Wrong Fuel Rescue team members and mechanics will help you manage this situation by using the latest tools and software to scan and review faults.


Once the engine has been drained, flushed, and refilled, our mechanics will assess your car and determine whether your vehicle is roadworthy and capable of taking you from point A to B safely. If we give you the go-ahead, then you can move on with peace of mind. If not, we’ll offer you the help you need to get mobile in your Renault Koleos again. Wrong Fuel Rescue is dedicated to keeping all drivers safe on the road, especially in the event of a misfuelling.