The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide To The Nissan X-Trail


Since the turn of the century, the Nissan X-TRAIL has evolved into a magnificent motoring powerhouse and rivals any other compact crossover SUV on the market today. Two decades and three generations since the initial SUV hit the roads, the latest edition of the X-trail – also known as The Rogue – combines the big, bolstering presence of previous gens, while flexing some of the latest automobile tech features. Read the Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Nissan X-TRAIL for a lowdown on this fantastic beast of a vehicle as well as what to do when misfueling the Nissan X-TRAIL.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to performance in the Nissan X-TRAIL


After being unveiled at the September 2000 Paris Motor Show, Nissan began building the X-TRAIL legacy. The vehicle first sported a boxy chassis, which has now changed to a more edgy muscular silhouette. Power, precision and endurance take top priority in this SUV.


Japanese automaker Nissan packed the X-TRAIL Ti with 126kW of power (at 6000rpm) and 233Nm of torque (at 4400rpm), delivering a strong and energetic driving experience. The vehicle’s speed-sensitive electric power steering also allows the driver to keep all of this power under control.


With a petrol engine that’s a force to be reckoned with, you need a fuel tank to accompany it so you don’t make too many fuel stops on your next road trip. The X-TRAIL tank can hold up to 60L of fuel and is built to consume only 8.3L every 100km.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Fun Fact: Because of the ECO Driving Mode, The Nissan X-TRAIL Ti releases only 192g of CO2 emissions per km, with the rate being less in other models within the series.


Built For Anything: Design in the Nissan X-TRAIL


We know that life comes in different shapes and sizes, but this crossover SUV is built to be versatile, something we’re big fans of here at Wrong Fuel Rescue. Whatever kind of lifestyle you live, this five-door five-seater can accommodate it. Designed to get you from here to there, and everywhere in between, the X-TRAIL is made for adventure.


So whether it’s sporting equipment, luggage, or groceries, there’s plenty of space to load up the essentials and hit the road. Open up to a bigger, bolder world, and get there in a spacious SUV that brings a sophisticated look to consistent capability.


From the plush double-stitched leather-accented seats to the sporty flat-bottom steering wheel, Nissan has taken no shortcuts in comfort or quality. There’s something for everyone to enjoy on the X-TRAIL Ti with heated front and rear outboard seats, a heated steering wheel for those frosty mornings, and a power tilt and slide panoramic sunroof.


EZ Flex second-row seats that slide and recline are standard, adding that extra bit of room for passengers or cargo. From kids to cargo, and everything in between, load up in a flash with an interior that adapts to anything.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to tech in the Nissan X-TRAIL


Although it possesses high power and a great deal of storage capability, this spaceship on wheels also has clever technology that puts you in control. From keyless entry and push-button engine start to the Advanced Drive-Assist Display and a 7” wide touch-screen with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto to keep you safely connected to your smartphone at all times.


The Motion Activated Tail-Gate also prevents you from having trouble opening the backdoor while your hands are full. With the Intelligent Key® in your pocket, just swipe your foot under the rear bumper to automatically open the rear storage area for easy, hands-free access.


The X-TRAIL’s Advanced Drive-Assist Technology allows for more action and less distraction when driving, ensuring a safer commute, with a display that puts your information right in front of you — just toggle between the screens using the steering wheel controls.


For your audio listening pleasure, The X-Trail features eight speakers strategically placed throughout the interior to provide a rich sound system that upgrades your listening experience. The Bose® premium sound system is custom-tuned by Bose® engineers to take advantage of the unique interior acoustics inside the Nissan X-TRAIL.


Safety in the Nissan X-Trail


Similar to how we value safety here at Wrong Fuel Rescue, Nissan aims to provide X-TRAIL users with an easy, optimal, and most importantly, safe driving experience. They accomplish this by installing the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system, a suite of intelligent technologies which keeps an eye on your X-TRAIL’s systems and surroundings to assist in handling unexpected situations so you can drive with confidence.


Vehicles sit in your blind spot, shopping trolleys appear seemingly out of nowhere, and so can speed limits. Nissan helps out with a range of technologies that help you see and sense more around you.


Intelligent Emergency Braking will be applied to prevent or minimise an accident. If the vehicle senses you may be veering outside your lane, subtle braking will be applied to keep you on addition to this, the blind-spot warning system detects vehicles in your blind-spot area to avoid collisions. Alarms and signals alert you if it is unsafe to change lanes.


Intelligent Cruise Control helps drivers maintain a safe, adaptable speed with cruise control that responds to vehicles around you. In the case of an imminent collision, alerts sound before automatic braking is applied to reduce speed and help you avoid or mitigate a frontal collision with a vehicle ahead.


The Intelligent Around View Monitor works with four cameras that give you a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and curbside views. Across the whole range, you’ll find Predictive Path technology, utilising a rear camera and sensors to ensure that when reversing, you can always get a better look.


The X-TRAIL also has moving-object detection and rear cross-traffic alerts. By detecting moving objects around the car, this technology enhances safety and helps to give drivers better awareness of their surroundings.


The Intelligent 4×4 drivetrain gives drivers the freedom to adapt on the fly by providing the choice to select between 2-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Drive, or 4-Wheel Drive Lock modes through an electronic switch on the dashboard.


These X-Trail performance options deliver outstanding power and fuel economy from the base model to the top model Nissan X-Trail. In addition to this, the All-Mode 4X4 is exceptionally capable in any driving conditions. The Nissan X-Trail’s Intelligent 4X4 offers an Auto Mode that continuously monitors any changes to the driving conditions for best traction. Alternatively, you can choose the 4-Wheel Drive Lock Mode for more challenging off-road conditions.


The Nissan X-TRAIL’s 4×4 technology is so responsive that it can adapt to changing conditions 30 times faster than the blink of an eye. Whether you’re tackling snow, rain, or tight turns, the system automatically distributes power as required, instantly. Perfect for when you’re taking the family on a trip, regardless of the season you’re in.


If you feel the need to add on anything to this safer-than-ever set of wheels, you can have a browse through the various Nissan Genuine Accessories. These tough, durable and stylish accessories can protect your Nissan X TRAIL against everyday wear and tear whether you’re from the city or countryside.


After being put through thousands of hours of testing by the manufacturers, Nissan Genuine Accessories have proven that they are made for reliability and are covered by the Nissan New Vehicle Warranty. These accessories are crafted to fit your Nissan perfectly and assist with ensuring optimum performance. They also future proof your vehicle, which helps keep your vehicle complete and retain its resale value


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your Nissan X-TRAIL?


Mis-fuelling happens when you add the wrong fuel type to your vehicle, whether that be adding petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. This is an unfortunately common mistake that can happen to anyone at any time, and more often than not, mis-fuelling your vehicle is a result of distraction, driver tiredness, or driver confusion over the labelling of jerry cans. It’s an honest mistake and one shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. However, your car might not be too forgiving should you put in the wrong fuel.


We at Wrong Fuel Rescue have come to the rescue of many Nissan X-TRAIL drivers who have accidentally added the wrong fuel to their Nissan X-TRAIL. The Nissan X-TRAIL used to be available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by ULP and Diesel fuel type(s), but as of 2021, only the petrol models are available.


This means that the most likely fuel mishap with this vehicle would be adding diesel to the petrol engine. Mis-fuelling your petrol Nissan X-TRAIL engine with diesel is a very serious but frequent mishap that can become quite costly if not addressed immediately. This is certainly the case with the Nissan X-TRAIL, but also applies to any other vehicles.


Although it’s more of a risk to have petrol contamination in a diesel vehicle, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the dangers that come with mis-fuelling. It may cause lasting damage to the engine’s internal components and fuel lines and will result in a costly repair if you continue driving.


Petrol is a thin fuel and diesel is thicker, therefore, the petrol engine is not made to cope with the properties of diesel. If you drive a petrol engine with diesel fuel in the fuel tank, the fuel filter could possibly clog up because it is not designed to handle the greasy property of diesel. If the fuel somehow moves any further, it can cause problems for the fuel injectors. The mixture of fuels will result in soot build-up that might cause spark plug failure.


If you have filled up your diesel Nissan X-TRAIL with petrol, one or more of the following signs will occur:


  • Slower acceleration
  • A loud, knocking sound from the interior of the vehicle
  • Lackluster performance
  • Significant amounts of smoke emerging from the exhaust
  • The vehicle suddenly cutting out.


On the flip side, here is what you can expect when filling up your petrol vehicle with diesel instead:


  • The vehicle battling to start, or outright being unable to start at all
  • The engine frequently cutting out
  • Jerking movements from the vehicle whilst driving
  • Large amounts of smoke may emerge from the exhaust pipe


If you notice any, or all, of the above warning signs, your best bet is to pull over as soon as you can safely do so and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. In order to prevent further damage to your Nissan X-TRAIL or vehicle of choice, resist the temptation to keep driving to your nearest fuel station or repair shop. Instead, give Wrong Fuel Rescue a call and we will assist you in record time and get you safely back on the road.