The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Nissan Navara


The Nissan Navara is a popular ute amongst Australians and 2021 saw the biggest update to the vehicle since 2015. Read this short Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Nissan Navara and find out what this change entailed, a brief history on Nissan Australia, the difference between the various models, a rundown of the specs and insights into which model suits you and your needs.


Nissan Australia


The Australian headquarters of Nissan Australia were opened in 1972 in Dandenong where it ran the operation for over 40 years. Nissan Australia manufactures parts locally via a casting plant and employs over 192 world-class workers. The parts created at this facility are shipped globally and supply Nissan assembly plants as well as other companies such as JATCO and Calsonic Kansei.


The Nissan Navara


From small beginnings as a two-door powerhouse, the Nissan Navara has been around since 1986 and has gone through several changes throughout the years, today there are many models to choose from each with their own cab size, trim and choice of 4×2 or 4×4 drive. For the extra adventurous there is the King cab choice that has extra space and added seats behind the regular single cab area. The least you can spend to get behind one of these machines is $27,150 and the top-end N-Trek Warrior will set you back $66,290.


The Navara is available in a diesel engine with 2 configurations or there is a petrol engine choice, these can then be configured with a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission, meaning a model for any situation. The coil springs in the rear suspension that are available in certain models are what set it apart from competitors and allow for consistency and perfect accuracy.


At Wrong Fuel Rescue we know that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a ute, and while some may prioritise power and performance, others may prioritise comfort or budget. Thankfully the Navara has a plethora of models and variations available to suit all needs, with the entry level being the SL Single Cab Chassis equipped with a 2.3 litre single turbo diesel engine. The SL King Cab and ST-X King Cab are equipped with 2.3 litre twin turbo diesel engines for those after power, while on a reasonable budget. Dual cab options are also available with the Pro-4x Dual Cab, ST-X Dual Cab, ST Dual Cab, SL Dual Cab and SL Dual Cab Chassis, which are all perfect for the driver looking for the ultimate combination of performance and comfort.


Nissan Navara towing capacity and payload


Whether it’s for heavy loads for work or a bit too much luggage on a holiday, Wrong Fuel Rescue assures you that you’ll have no trouble with the Navara and its enormous 3,500kg maximum braked towing capacity. This is across the entire range and is likely to meet any need you may have when it comes to transport. If you go up to the PRO-4X or the ST-X models you’ll get a Nissan Genuine Towbar as a standard feature.


The dual cab range of the Nissan Navara all feature a minimum 1-tonne payload to ensure heavy-load performance and that you’re never slowed down. The rear axle has been strengthened to ensure stability and with enhanced braking you’ll always be in full control no matter your cargo. Building material or a family on a trip, you’ll always get where you want to go.


Nissan Navara Technology and Interior


The Nissan Navara is a strong contender when it comes to tech and is up there with the likes of the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger. The Navara is equipped with Nissan Intelligent Mobility which includes an Intelligent Around View Monitor and off-road tech. The Around View Monitor is the epitome of user-convenience and makes parking and maneuvering an easy task thanks to four separate cameras offering a 360 degree overhead view of the Navara.


This is ideal for suburban settings and is prime for off-road adventures thanks so a designated off-road mode that allows the driver to exactly where to position the front wheels of the vehicle in rocky or rough terrain. Intelligent Around View Monitor is available in the ST, St-X and PRO-4X models and Off-Road Monitor is available on ST, ST-X and PRO-4X four wheel drive models.


The Off-Road Monitor is only made better by the featured Hill Descent Control which ensures that the Navara is secure and manageable when it is going down a steep decline. It does this by automatically adjusting the speed and brake pressure of the vehicle, ensuring that it is at a controlled speed. Hill Descent Control also assists when the Navara is on a steep incline, and will stop the vehicle from rolling backwards for two seconds, giving the driver time to release the brake and accelerate up the incline. The Hill Descent Feature is available on all four wheel drive Navara models.


All Nissan Navara models come with an industry-standard interior design. The base level SL models come with cloth seats and hard plastics, and the level up ST models introduce leather accents with the gear shifter and steering wheel. Up a level you have the ST-X and PRO-4X models with softer materials as well as leather on the seats. The interior of the Navara models offer a range of seating configurations with the single cabs equipped with seating for two individuals, while all dual-cab models have seating for five individuals.


What’s next for the Nissan Navara?


Nissan’s continuous commitment to serving customers and providing the best possible vehicles as well as service, means that they are regularly updating and improving their vehicles, whether that means tech updates, power upgrades or body remodeling. 2021 saw the biggest update to the Nissan Navara since 2015 and these new vehicles have already begun arriving in showrooms across Australia. Bearing in mind that the usual model life cycle for utes and vans is around 10 years, this is probably going to be the last upgrade to the Navara models for some time, likely until a newer generation is announced a few years from now.


In terms of the appearance and the shell of the Navara, the upgrade boasts new sheet metal from the windscreen forward with a fresh bumper and grille, and redesigned headlights. Whilst the interior of the Navara is largely unchanged compared to previous renditions, the steering wheel has been updated alongside the digital instrument display. The back seat of the vehicle also now has a USB charging port.


The updated Navara model line-up starts with the base SL model which can be compared to the Isuzu D-Max diesel and the Toyota Hilux Petrol. The SL is available as a two-wheel drive cab chassis with a single turbo 2.3 litre diesel engine. The starting price of the updated SL is $33,890 drive-away, making it the cheapest Navara work ute available. Although it is the cheapest Navara, it is still more than the Isuzu D-Max diesel at $29,990 drive-away, and the Toyota Hilux petrol at $26,990 drive-away.


Although it’s still too early to tell how Australian ute drivers are going to react to this price difference, the Navara’s case isn’t helped by the fact that advanced tech is only available on certain models, whereas Toyota, Mazda and Isuzu all ensure that all of their ute’s are equipped with their respective available technology. The update does mean, though, that all Navara models now come with autonomous emergency braking, but radar cruise control is still reserved for specific models even though there is a large sensor on the grille which is already being used for autonomous emergency braking.


The power and torque of the 2021 Nissan Navara SL models have stayed the same at 140kW and 450Nm, but now the extra and double cab 4×4 Navara variants are equipped with the twin-turbo 2.3 litre diesel engine. The other model that saw significant updates was the Navara ST which gained alloy instead of steel wheels, LED tail-lights and headlights and a rear privacy glass. All models from the Navara ST and up are now equipped with additional safety tech such as a 360-degree camera, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert.


The updated Navara ST is available in manual transmission from $50,990 drive-away and automatic transmission from $52,490 drive-away. The Navara XT, which is expected to be a popular variant amongst buyers, comes in at a slightly higher price point of between $57,290 and $60,790 drive-away. Top of the price tier is the Navara Pro-4X which is set at $62,790 drive-away, although the popular off-road Warrior version likely won’t arrive until the end of the year.


Wrong fuel rescue for a Nissan Navara


Adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can happen to anyone at any time, and Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help. To avoid adding the wrong fuel to your Nissan Navara, our best advice at Wrong Fuel Rescue is to always double check the pump before filling up. Below are some indicators from Wrong Fuel Rescue that you should be wary of as they can increase the risk of adding the wrong fuel to your Navara:


1.Filling up at a different fuel servo to your usual one – don’t assume hose colours are the same as your local servo and always double check

2.Switching between brands, different hose/nozzle colours

3.Swapping between cars (using different fuel) at home or work – it’s easy to ‘forget’ which car you’re filling and which fuel it needs

4.It’s a new car using different fuel to your old car

5.You are distracted by your passengers while filling up

6.You are in a rush


If you are a proud Nissan Navara driver, you should be prepared for a wrong fuel scenario by understanding the Wrong Fuel Rescue warning signs to look out for.


    • If you have put petrol in your diesel Nissan Navara you may notice

    • :


1.A loud knocking sound whilst driving or whilst the engine is idling

2.An excessive amount of smoke coming from your exhaust

3.Slower than usual acceleration and reduced performance

4.Your engine warning light may illuminate

5.Your engine may stop altogether

6.Your car struggles or fails to start


    • If you have put diesel into your petrol Nissan Navara some of the things you may notice:


1.Your engine misfires causing your Navara to feel like it is jerking down the road

2.Excess smoke from your exhaust caused from unburnt fuel (diesel)

3.Your engine cuts out

4.Your engine won’t start no matter how many times you try to turn it over


Wrong Fuel Rescue has rescued hundreds of Nissan Navara’s over the years and is proud to be Australia’s most trusted, quickest and cost effective solution to getting your Navara fuel tank drained fueled and back on the road.


With our Australian based call center and skilled roadside assistance mechanics located across the country, we are the quickest and most cost-effective solution for all Nissan Navara models. If you have put petrol in your diesel Navara or diesel in your petrol Navara, simply remain calm and wait for Wrong Fuel Rescue and our timely service to get you back to work, your off-road adventure, or your family.