The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide To The Mazda CX-8


A smaller SUV with no lack in space and comfort, the Mazda CX-8 combines innovative technology and design with powerful, yet sustainable engineering. Since the initial rollout of the CX-8 to the Australian market in 2018 with a diesel-only line-up, Mazda has since expanded the range to also include petrol options. Read the Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Mazda CX-8 for more information on this vehicle.


Slotting in between the mid-size CX-5 and large CX-9, the CX-8 offers seating for up to seven occupants, as well as the brand’s signature premium interior appointments. Narrower than the CX-9, but with the same wheelbase and versatile three rows of seating, the CX-8 probably isn’t anyone’s definition of compact. It does, however, find a sweet spot between size and spaciousness.


The CX-8 also offers the option of a diesel engine, while the CX-9 engine is petrol-only. It could be just the thing for regional owners, or anyone who tends to tow or who does high mileage on the open road each year. The CX-8 range is hardly small, with six trim levels and a choice of front- or all-wheel drive, along with petrol and diesel engines.


A Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Performance in the Mazda CX-8


Whether you’re commuting throughout the city or driving along the wide-open countryside, you can now choose from a 2.5L petrol or a 2.2L Skyactiv diesel engine. The four-cylinder petrol engine outputs 140kW/252Nm, while the turbo-diesel unit makes 140kW/450Nm. The Mazda CX-8 has a fuel tank capacity of 72 litres. The CX-8 is fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission regardless of engine or drivetrain.




The highly efficient direct-injection Skyactiv-G engine offers sharp and responsive performance with up to 252Nm of torque while delivering impressive fuel efficiency, using as little as 8.1L per 100km. This depends on traffic, road conditions, and how the vehicle is driven




Clean, efficient, and quiet, the Skyactiv-D engine offers plenty of speed while using as little as a remarkable 6.0L per 100km. This efficiency never compromises on power with the smooth-running Skyactiv-D giving you plenty of torque and overtaking power.


Reducing emissions with Skyactiv Engineering


Skyactiv Technology is the comprehensive engineering program that has shaped the new generation of Mazda vehicles. Skyactiv represents significant gains in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction while keeping the Zoom-Zoom performance that Mazda’s known for. Years later, Mazda presented to the world a suite of technologies that have come to revolutionize the driving experience forever.


Mazda’s multi-solution approach to reducing emissions began with the 2007 commitment to sustainable energy and the subsequent launch of its first Sustainable Zoom-Zoom phase, a range of highly efficient Skyactiv-G petrol and Skyactiv-D diesel engines. The initiative saw set targets for 2020, including a 50% reduction of corporate average “well-to-wheel” carbon dioxide emissions based on 2010 levels, and achieving a 90% reduction by 2050.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Interior & Space in the Mazda CX-8


Giving space for today, and tomorrow, the Mazda CX-8 brings you all the versatility you expect in a three-row SUV but with smaller dimensions that don’t compromise on interior space or comfort. With growing families, there’s always a lot of baggage to bring along. The Mazda CX-8 handles all your storage needs with ease. With the third row folded down, you’ll have access to a huge 775L of cargo space.


The Mazda CX-8 comes with three rows of luxury. From front row to back, you’ll discover quality finishes, premium materials, and the luxury that Mazda SUVs have become known for. Second-row passengers also get access to heated seats, USB ports, and their own climate control.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Mazda CX-8’s Innovative Design


The CX-8’s all-new front grille has an elegant and commanding stance on the road, while the luxurious Captain’s Seats feature a power adjust control for their own centre console, ventilation and heating. Mazda aims to nurture a strong focus on human-centric design and develop a firm grounding in the handcrafted forms of Mazda’s Kodo-Soul of Motion design language. The manufacturer, while driven by imagination, makes a commitment to a future of a cleaner, more sustainable earth for future generations through their designs.


The Kodo Design philosophy involves creating vehicles that embody the dynamic beauty of life. Vehicles that transcend the limitations of a simple A to B vehicle and become a partner you can rely on, that inspires you. The design of every Mazda expresses the beauty of motion seen in all living creatures, giving each vehicle a soul of its own.


Jinba-Ittai is the sense of oneness between a rider and his beloved horse, it is the ultimate bond. It’s a principle that Mazda has used to recreate this bond between car and driver. It’s a feeling that can only be engineered through the passion and expertise that has been passed down through generations of Mazda engineers and experienced by drivers all over the world.


Mazda hopes to place you, your lifestyle, and your values at the forefront, achieving this through innovative design. Design that is shaped in sophisticated simplicity. Values that embody a humanistic feel, putting you at ease and making each and every Mazda a pleasure to experience all day long.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Technology in the Mazda CX-8


Maintain the theme of being driven by imagination, Mazda has equipped the CX-8 with an intuitive collection of tech features. These inventive applications are designed for life within every vehicle.


Mazda Connect’s full-colour screen lets you make calls, receive messages, and even play your favourite music without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Whether you’re on a weekend away or travelling for business, Mazda Connect’s built-in satellite navigation system utilises cutting edge traffic data to help get you there with ease.


  • With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a whole new world of digital entertainment is at your fingertips.
  • The LCD Multi-Information Display panel projects key information crystal clear and in full colour.
  • Never be left too cold or hot with heated and ventilated seats and steering wheel.
  • The power sunroof brings in light and fresh air, adding another sensory experience to your drive.
  • The hands free power tailgate helps you gain easy access to the tailgate by simply swinging your foot under the rear bumper.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Safety in the Mazda CX-8


For Mazda, safety is always forefront. i-Activsense is a suite of technologies that makes the CX-8 smart and safe. It utilises detection devices in milliwave radars and cameras to help recognise hazards and avoid collisions.


The pioneering i-Activ All-wheel drive system is designed to monitor, predict and respond to even the slightest change in driving conditions, delivering an unparalleled connection to the road. The safety of your family is the number one priority. So Mazda CX-8 puts safety at its heart with more features as standard than ever before.


  • Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH)
  • ALH individually controls several LEDs to broaden visibility at low speeds, avoid dazzling others on high beams, and extend vision at highway speeds.
  • Smart City Brake Support Forward (SCBS-F)
  • SCBS-F monitors the vehicle in front to assess the likelihood of a collision. If there is a high risk, the system will warn you and brake automatically if needed.
  • 360° View Monitor
  • Manouver with peace of mind with a 360° exterior view and reverse sensors to keep you informed
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) with Stop & Go Function


With the ability to bring you to a complete stop in traffic and take off again once traffic moves, MRCC with Stop & Go function adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead.


Note: Stop & Go Function is not available on manual transmission vehicles.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your Mazda CX-8?


Mis-fuelling happens when you add the wrong fuel type to your vehicle, whether that be adding petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine. This is an unfortunately common mistake that can happen to anyone at any time, and more often than not, mis-fuelling your vehicle is a result of distraction, driver tiredness, or driver confusion. It’s an honest mistake and one shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it.


Wrong Fuel Rescue have come to the aid of many Mazda CX-8 drivers who have accidentally added the wrong fuel to their vehicle. However, you can prevent this from happening by paying close attention, and even if you make the mistake of mis-fuelling your vehicle, Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help. The Mazda CX-8 can be powered by either a 2.5 litre petrol engine or a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel engine. Although these engines feature the innovative Skyactiv technology and engineering, that doesn’t mean that it was built to handle the incorrect fuel.


This means that it’s possible to mis-fuel your Mazda CX-8 in both ways: either adding petrol to the diesel engine or vice-versa. Filling your CX-8 engine with the wrong fuel is a very serious but frequent mishap that can become quite costly if not addressed immediately, here’s why:


It’s a major risk to have petrol contamination in a diesel vehicle – due to petrol having a higher calorific value and diesel having a higher compression ratio – meaning that you shouldn’t ignore the dangers that come with mis-fuelling. Repairing will most likely be expensive as this may cause damage to the engine’s internal components and fuel lines.


Petrol is a thin fuel and diesel is thick. Therefore, the petrol engine is not made to cope with the properties of diesel. If you drive a petrol engine with diesel in the fuel tank, the fuel filter could possibly clog up as it is not designed to handle the greasy property of diesel. If the fuel somehow moves any further, it can cause problems for the fuel injectors. The mixture of fuels will result in Diesel build-up that will cause spark plug failure.


If you have filled up your diesel Mazda CX-8 with petrol, one or more of the following signs will occur:


  • Slower acceleration
  • A loud, knocking sound from the vehicle’s interior
  • Lackluster performance
  • Significant amounts of smoke emerging from the exhaust
  • The vehicle suddenly cutting out.


On the flip side, here is what you can expect when filling up your petrol vehicle with diesel instead:


  • The vehicle struggling to start, or outright being unable to start at all
  • The engine frequently cutting out
  • Stuttering movements from the vehicle whilst driving
  • Large amounts of smoke may emerge from the exhaust pipe


If you notice any, or all, of the above warning signs, your best bet is to pull over as soon as you can safely do so and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. In order to prevent further damage to your Mazda CX-8 or vehicle of choice, resist the temptation to keep driving to your nearest fuel station or repair shop. Instead, give Wrong Fuel Rescue a call and we will assist you in record time and get you safely back on the road.