The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Kia Carnival


If you are looking for a vehicle that is able to provide you with a high level of quality across all aspects, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Kia Carnival’s latest model. By replacing the Sedona in Kia’s line-up of newly released cars, the Carnival is able to take you where you need to go while keeping style, comfort, and performance firmly in mind. After just a few minutes of reading, you too can find out why the Kia Carnival has become one of our favourites here at Wrong Fuel Rescue!


The Brief History behind the Kia Carnival


Something that not a lot of people seem to be fully aware of is the fact that majority of the world’s major car manufacturers did not all start out at the position that they are in today. For instance, Kia, one of the leading car manufacturers throughout the world, started out as a steel tubing and bicycle parts manufacturer under the name Kyungsung Precision Industry in South Korea in 1944. In fact, the company had only renamed itself to Kia Industries 8 years later in 1952 and had only started building automobiles 5 years after that, with motorcycles and trucks licensed by Honda and Mazda respectively.


It was not until March 1987 that Kia would unveil and release its first official car to the public, the Kia Pride, which would boast a lengthy production run until January 2000, when the Pride would see multiple generations be released over the coming years. It was a year later, in 2001, that Kia would then be able to release one of the most widely coveted vehicles to date, the Kia Carnival. Having undergone a number of redesigns and improvements over the years through multiple generations, Kia is said to release its 5th generation of the Carnival in the last quarter of 2021, sporting the full name of 2022 Carnival MPV.


While the Kia Pride and Carnival are not the only two cars that have been produced by this esteemed automobile manufacturer, they are able to symbolize the growth, improvement, and sheer quality that Kia is able to provide, no matter which car you choose to drive for yourself. By starting out as a producer of licensed vehicles, Kia has been able to hone its craft from an early age in its lifetime, ensuring that you remain overwhelmed by comfort, performance, and style whenever sitting inside a Kia product.


Kia Carnival Performance


While the Kia Carnival has seen a number of different generations be released to the public over the past few years, you can rest easy knowing that each generation has seen a vast array of improvements that seem to result in the previous generation becoming obsolete when quality, comfort, performance and other aspects are directly compared. This is no different for Kia’s latest model of the Carnival range of vehicles.


By coming in two different versions, one sporting a 3.5L Petrol engine while the other sports a 2.2L Diesel engine, you are given plenty of choices when it comes to the type of performance that you want to make the most use of. By placing your sights onto the petrol version of the Kia Carnival, you can expect your V6 engine to provide you with a max power of 216kW at 6,400 rpm alongside a max torque of 355 Nm at 5,000 rpm.


While the 4-cylinder diesel engine may provide slightly lesser results with a max power of 146kW at 3,800rpm and a max torque of 440Nm at 1,750 – 2,750rpm. With a fuel tank capacity of 72 litres, both variations of the Kia Carnival are still fully capable of providing you with a stellar driving experience, whether you’re driving through the city or to your next holiday destination, towing up to 1,500kg without much hassle in the slightest.


While you may only be given the choice between which engine you’d like before purchasing your Kia Carnival, you can still choose between which driving experience you would like the most once sitting behind the wheel and hitting the streets. This is because the Carnival provides 4 different driving modes known as Normal, Eco, Sport, and Smart, each of which are able to provide completely different enhancements and benefits, allowing you to make the most out of even the mundane of driving experiences.


Kia Carnival Exterior and Interior


Enjoy taking command of the road through your presence alone thanks to the Carnival’s sleek and bold design. Coming in a variety of different colours, the Carnival’s striking appearance allows you and your family to remain safe on the road by allowing fellow motorists to be made fully aware of your presence, whether they are on the sides, back, or in front of you. This is made possible through this vehicle’s 19” black alloy wheels, and the rear LED lights that are combined seamlessly alongside the geometrically contoured front LED headlights.


In the front of the Carnival, you will also find a Tiger Nose Grille that either comes in satin silver or matte chrome, depending on the model you decide to pair yourself with. To represent the abundance of space that front and rear passengers get to enjoy simultaneously, the Kia Carnival even comes with an athletic-looking shoulder line in combination with a stunning roofline too, which are both accentuated with wheel-arches that are designed with prominence in mind.


Moving on to the inside of the Kia Carnival, Wrong Fuel Rescue has continuously been impressed by the sheer amount of space that each passenger is able to enjoy, even when driving at max capacity. By including 3 rows of seats, the Kia Carnival is able to hold up to 8 passengers at any given moment, which can then be adjusted accordingly depending on how much luggage you need to bring along.


As a direct result of this generation of Carnival vehicles been given a general increase in length, width, and having a longer wheelbase, a generous amount of head, shoulder, and legroom is universally provided to all passengers. By leaving all seats unadjusted, the Carnival is able to provide up to 1,138 litres of boot space, which increases to 2,461 litres when the 3rd row of seats is folded down, which can be increased even further when folding the middle row of seats down too.


WFR - Carnival Interior-min


This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the quality that the Kia Carnival is able to provide, as its technological capabilities also allow you to enjoy heated and ventilated seats, a dual sunroof, all-round climate control, a high-performance Bose sound system consisting of 12 speakers, mood lights, a smart-charging port as well as a 12.3” touchscreen on the front console that integrates with Apple and Android devices, allowing more than just a single smartphone to stay connected through Bluetooth’s Multi-connection too.


Wrong Fuel Rescue for the Kia Carnival


Filling your car up with the wrong form of fuel can spell disaster, even if poured into the most robust and hardened vehicles out there. This mistake has been made by millions of people around the world, but rest assured that this is a mistake that can quickly and easily be made right when you call upon Wrong Fuel Rescue, one of the most prolific and convenient vehicle rescue services to be made available throughout Australia.


As this can be a fairly common occurrence, we at Wrong Fuel Rescue each have the sole aim to provide you with the help and service that you and your vehicle need at a moment’s notice. As we have already been able to assist thousands of Australian motorists since our official establishment in 2015, we have been able to build up a level of trust with our clientele that few other vehicle rescue services have the honour of doing.


As quality, care, and trust are all at the very core of Wrong Fuel Rescue, we can assure you that you’ll be back on the road while still saving you time and money, all without any hassle in the slightest. To help prevent you from seeing this situation first hand, we at Wrong Fuel Rescue have come up with some notes that are best kept in mind whenever you make your way to the servo to fill up your car:


  • Even if you are in a rush, it is best to remain patient.
  • If your vehicle is new, make sure to compare its fuel type to your previous vehicle just for future reference.
  • If you make use of a personal as well as a business vehicle simultaneously, it is best to make a note of which vehicle uses which fuel type specifically.
  • Keep your attention on your fuel rather than getting distracted by your passengers or other motorists.
  • Different colour hoses and hose types usually indicate different forms of fuel
  • Take note of the hose types and their colours at your regular servo to avoid confusion when visiting a servo you are not too familiar with.


By accidentally pouring the wrong fuel into your Kia Carnival rather than its preferred fuel type,there are a few characteristics we’ve noticed at Wrong Fuel Rescue. Your vehicle may start to display:


  • Your Carnival may either struggle to start or may not even be able to start at all.
  • The engine may stop working entirely.
  • Acceleration that is slower and overall performance that is lower than you may be used to.
  • The warning light for your engine may light up.
  • Excessive amounts of smoke may start emitting from your exhaust pipe.
  • While idling or even while on the road, you may hear loud banging sounds coming from your engine.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, here is what we at Wrong Fuel Rescue think you can expect when filling your vehicle up with diesel, when it is instead in need of petrol:


  • Your engine may cut out and stop working.
  • Your engine may not be able to start up at all, no matter how many times you try turning it over.
  • Unburnt diesel fuel within a petrol tank can cause large quantities of smoke to start emitting from your exhaust pipe.
  • Abrupt and sudden jerking movements may be felt throughout the vehicle while driving, which is often caused by backfiring.


WFR - Carnival on display-min


While never an enjoyable experience when placed in it yourself, Wrong Fuel Rescue is still more than happy and willing to help you get your vehicle started again, whenever you may be needing it the most. Thankfully, we host a 24/7 assistance hotline that is able to take your call at all hours of the day, ensuring that you are never without the help that you may desperately need. For more details on how to get in touch with us at Wrong Fuel Rescue, you simply need to click the “Contact Us” button!