The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Jeep Grand Cherokee


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs on Australian roads and is driven by an array of people for various different purposes, whether it be the workhorse of a business, or your daily family transportation. Up there with our Wrong Fuel Rescue top-choices, this SUV has a 5 star ANCAP rating. Read the Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Jeep Grand Cherokee to learn more about the different models, high-quality power and performance, and incredible safety features.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a formidable contender when it comes to Australian SUVs, and what makes this vehicle that much more enticing, is that there are so many different options and variants available, and also numerous opportunities to customise the vehicle to your heart’s desire. This means that it is highly unlikely that a driver will not find what they are looking for in the Grand Cherokee, especially when it comes to engines. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in five different engines, with a fuel tank capacity of 93 litres:


-A 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 Engine

-A 3.0 litre Ecodiesel V6 Engine

-A 5.7 litre Hemi V8 Engine

-A 6.4 litre SRT V8 Engine

-A Supercharged 6.2 litre V8 Engine.


These engines are model-specific, with the current Jeep Grand Cherokee models being the Night Eagle, the Grand Cherokee S-Limited, the Trailhawk and the Grand Cherokee S-Overland. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Night Eagle is fitted with the 3.6 litre Pentastar engine but a 3.0 litre CRD engine is available. The Night Eagle is available in eight-speed automatic transmission and is kitted out with exclusive 20-inch black alloy wheels.


The Night Eagle offers safety and control, boasting the Jeep Quandra-Trac II 4×4 system, Jeep Selec-Terrain, Two Speed Transfer Case, Jeep Off-Road Pages, Hill-Descent Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and an Advances Brake Assist System. The Night Eagle is also fitted to avoid any unwanted incidents or scratches, with ParkView Reverse Parking Camera, ParkSense Front and Rear Park Assist and Bi-Xenon headlamps. The interior of the Night Eagle is as good as the many features offered, with a Uconnect 8.4 inch touchscreen display, Satellite Navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all enjoyed while sitting on Capri black leather seats with perforated suede inserts.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee S-Limited shares many features with the Night Eagle but is fitted with a 5.7 litre Hemi V8 engine and 20 inch gloss black alloy wheels. This model comes with the S-Limited Exterior Package and black exterior badging, as well as the infamous black grille accented 7-slot Jeep grille/. Some attractive exterior features include the Sport hood, S Badge, premium LED fog lights, dark headlamp Bezel finish, deep tinted privacy glass, dark lens tail lamps and a dual trapezoidal exhaust. Other commendable features on the S-Limited Grand Cherokee include a 9-speaker Alpine sound system, a heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, power liftgate, parallel and perpendicular park assist and bliind spot monitoring.


Next up is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk which comes with many of the same features as the Night Eagle and the S-Limited, but Jeep has thrown in a few extra attractive features. The Trailhawk is fitted with Jeep Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, Jeep Quadra-Lift Air suspension, 11inch off-road alloy wheels, rear electronic limited slip differential, four underbody skid plates and Selec-Speed with Hill Ascent Control. This model has a black anti-glare hood decal, unique front and rear fascia, ventilated front seats and Nappa leather seats with suede inserts.


The final model available in this range is the Jeep Grand Cherokee S-Overland which is also equipped with Jeep Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system and Jeep Quadra-Lift Air suspension, rear electronic limited slip differential, as well as 20 inch granite crystal aluminum wheels. The S-Overland has a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, granite crystal exterior badging and accents, and an interior metal package including an aluminium gear shifter, steering wheel and I/P bezel. The S-Overland has a 19 speaker Harmon Kardon audio system, SRT seats with black Nappa leather and black axis perforated suede inserts, as well as ventilated front seats.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Power and Performance


At Wrong Fuel Rescue we know that when it comes to a SUV, one needs the full package, and to know that when they venture off the beaten path, they can do so safely. Traction is one of the most important aspects of the off-road lifestyle and it’s important that all the wheels are working together. The Jeep 4×4 systems with Selec-Terrain Traction Management System will make sure the right tyre has the correct amount of traction when needed so you can focus on the terrain. And don’t think that your adventure will end when you come across a stream as the Trail Rated Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 models come equipped with high air intakes and a special sealing that is water-tight to keep you moving.


Whether you need to fly around a trail or slowly crawl over rocks and logs, the extreme articulation of the wheels will keep you grounded and give you all the maneuverability you need. The wheels are able to move up and down to meet every obstacle and put the power where it’s needed most. A large ground clearance will help pass over smaller obstacles that most cars would have to avoid.


The Grand Cherokee is well known for its strength towing prowess with some 3.0L 4×4 models offering a staggering 3,500kg towing capacity, and standard features like a rear camera with trailer view and trailer sway control that ensure you don’t just have full control of your jeep, but everything connected to it too. The rear camera gives you a clear guide when backing up with integrated grid lines and sensors. The camera can be used while moving forward to check on the trailer and make sure nothing has been taken by the elements.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Connection


We already know that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a powerful ride, but how does it fare in terms of tech and entertainment? Much like similar SUVs on the market such as the Toyota Landcruiser, the Cherokee offers a competitive tech system with Uconnect 4C Navigation, Apple CarPlay support, Android Auto integration, navigation, integrated Voice Command and a 8.4 inch intuitive touchscreen, giving it the Wrong Fuel Rescue seal of approval. Listening to any audio from the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an enjoyable experience thanks to the Harman Kardon Premium Audio System which includes a 10 inch subwoofer as well as 19 different speakers that are placed around the vehicles, offering an immersive audio experience.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety


At Wrong Fuel Rescue we know that a vehicle can have remarkable power and performance, but if that isn’t mirrored with safety, then how great can it really be? Thankfully, this isn’t a concern with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Night Eagle model has even been awarded a 5-star ANCAP rating, which is the highest possible safety rating. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is definitely a top-contender if you’re looking for a comfortable SUV that has power for off-road adventures, but that is also safe for the daily commuter.


Some impressive safety features that the Grand Cherokee boasts include Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Rear Cross Path Detection (RCPD), ParkSense, ParkView, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and LaneSense, to name a few. The Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection (RCPD) both make use of the radar-based sensors around the vehicle to detect any other vehicles that may be difficult for the driver to see. If a vehicle is coasting in your blind-spot, BSM will kick in and alert the driver, and if a vehicle is crossing behind the Cherokee while you are reversing, RCPD will also alert you.


Speaking of reversing, the Jeep Grand Cherokee helps drivers avoid those dreaded accidental collisions with the pillar that you swear wasn’t there before. This is thanks to ParkSense which comes standard on the Cherokee and includes a Rear Park Assist System as well as a Rear BackUp Camera. The Rear Park Assist System uses the sensors on the back of the Cherokee to detect any obstacles and at low speeds will automatically stop the vehicle if it detects a potential collision. If you’re in a tight parking spot or are needing to reverse in a tricky area, the driver can use the Rear BackUp Camera which displays a wide-angle view of the area at the back of the Cherokee, shown on the UConnect touchscreen automatically when the driver shifts into reverse.


The Cherokee makes parking and reversing a breeze, but also offers a smooth and seamless drive on the road thanks to Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning, among other assistant features. Adaptive Cruise Control will assess if there is a vehicle in front of you and will adjust the speed of the Cherokee to ensure a safe following distance, and will even stop the vehicle completely if it senses a potential collision.


This is similar to the Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking which will alert the driver if it detects a potential collision and if the driver does not react then the brakes will automatically be applied. The final cherry-on-top feature of the Grand Cherokee is LaneSense with Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist which work together to assess the boundaries of the road and ensure that the vehicle remains within the detected lanes by alerting the driver when the vehicle starts to drift.


Wrong fuel rescue for a Jeep Grand Cherokee


Adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can happen to anyone at any time, and Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help and to rescue you from any misfueling scenario. To avoid adding the wrong fuel to your Jeep Grand Cherokee, our best advice at Wrong Fuel Rescue is to always double check the pump before filling up your vehicle. Below we have given a few indicators from Wrong Fuel Rescue that you should be wary of, as they can increase the risk of adding the wrong fuel to your Cherokee:


  • Filling up at a different fuel servo to your usual one – don’t assume hose colours are the same as your local servo and always double check
  • Switching between brands, different hose/nozzle colours
  • Swapping between cars (using different fuel) at home or work – it’s easy to ‘forget’ which car you’re filling and which fuel it needs
  • It’s a new car using different fuel to your old car
  • You are distracted by your passengers while filling up
  • You are in a rush


If you are a proud Jeep Grand Cherokee driver, you should be prepared for a wrong fuel scenario by understanding the Wrong Fuel Rescue warning signs to look out for.


If you have put petrol in your diesel Grand Cherokee you may notice:


  • A loud knocking sound whilst driving or whilst the engine is idling
  • An excessive amount of smoke coming from your exhaust
  • Slower than usual acceleration and reduced performance
  • Your engine warning light may illuminate
  • Your engine may stop altogether
  • Your car struggles or fails to start


If you have put diesel into your petrol vehicle some of the things that Wrong Fuel Rescue finds you may notice include:


  • Your engine misfires causing your vehicle to feel like it is jerking down the road
  • Excess smoke from your exhaust caused from unburnt fuel (diesel)
  • Your engine cuts out
  • Your engine won’t start no matter how many times you try to turn it over


Wrong Fuel Rescue has rescued hundreds of Jeep Grand Cherokee’s over the years and is proud to be Australia’s most trusted, quickest and cost effective solution to getting your Grand Cherokee’s fuel tank drained and back on the road. With our Australian based call center and skilled roadside assistance mechanics located across the country, we are the best solution for all Grand Cherokee models. If you have put petrol in your diesel Grand Cherokee or diesel in your petrol vehicle, simply remain calm and wait for Wrong Fuel Rescue and our timely service to get you back to work, your off-road adventure, or your family.