The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a reliable and popular car amongst Australian drivers and is most notably enjoyed by busy and full families who are always on the move. This vehicle definitely earns the Wrong Fuel Rescue seal of approval thanks to the innovative features and high-quality interior and exterior. The Santa Fe boasts the ultimate trifecta; performance, safety and style. Read this short Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Hyundai Santa Fe for more information on the different models and the competitive Hyundai offerings.


The Hyundai Santa Fe


The Santa Fe is a classic SUV that offers ultimate power and performance, and that equally offers safety and comfort, making it an ideal family vehicle. This agile SUV seats 7 and is kitted out with the latest comfort features, keeping the kids entertained for hours on end. The Santa Fe is always ready for adventure with multi–terrain modes, including snow, mud and sand. Ready to travel off the beaten path, this vehicle is fitted with the latest technology ensuring the driver and passengers can stay safe and connected.


The Santa Fe is up for the performance challenger and boasts a braked towing capacity of 2500kg with a payload of 676-776kg. It has an unbraked towing capacity of 750kg and a towball download of between 200kg and 220kg. At Wrong Fuel Rescue, we don’t believe in just settling for what’s available, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in a vehicle without compromising on any aspects. Thankfully, Hyundai has a Santa Fe for every driver, with the original Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Active, the Santa Fe Elite and the Santa Fe Highlander.


Hyundai Santa Fe – original


The original standard Santa Fe is available with either 2.2 litre diesel CRDi 8-speed DCT AWD, or 3.5L Petrol MPi 8-Speed Automatic 2WD. The Santa Fe is fitted with 17 inch alloy wheels, and a full size spare, and has an elite looking black front grille. On the exterior the vehicle has LED daytime running lights as well as LED headlamps with auto dusk sensing. The ideal family adventure vehicle, the Santa Fe has roof rails for lugging extra baggage or sports equipment for your next family road trip.


The interior of this model exudes comfort with a leather appointed steering wheel as well as gear knob. It also offers comfort to passengers thanks to air vents in both the second and third rows. On-the-go entertainment is a breeze for the Santa Fe with an 8 inch multimedia touchscreen display, Apple CarPLay and Android Auto. There are 2 USB charging points in the 2nd row so passengers can stay connected to their devices, and even a wireless charging pad. The driver has complete and convenient control over the vehicle with a 4.2 inch colour instrument cluster, rear view camera with rear sensors, electronic parking brake and a tyre pressure monitoring system.


The Santa Fe is a sturdy SUV with 2 ISOFIX points and 3 top tether anchors in the 2nd row. The Santa Fe is ready for the road and the driver can choose between comfort, eco, sport and smart drive modes. This model and all Santa Fe’s have a fuel tank capacity of 67 litres and are noted to be fairly fuel efficient which makes this a great commuter SUV. Standard across the whole range of Santa Fe’s is Hyundai SmartSense, but we’ll get into that, and safety, in a bit.


Hyundai Santa Fe Active


The next available model is the Santa Fe Active which is also available as a 2.2 litre diesel CRDi 8-speed DCT AWD, or 3.5L Petrol MPi 8-Speed Automatic 2WD. A step up from the standard Santa Fe and built for the family on the go, the Santa Fe Active comes with most of the same features as the standard, but with a few bonus features such as a smart key with a push button start. The Santa Fe Active has paddle shifters, front parking sensors, rain sensing wipers, rear privacy glass, power folding mirror, puddle lamps and dual zone climate control. The Active model comes with 18 inch alloy wheels, instead of the standard 17 inch.


Hyundai Santa Fe Elite


The Santa Fe Elite is, as the name suggests, elite from the pack and boasts top-quality features including a sleek dark chrome front grille and 20 inch alloy wheels, with a full size spare. The interior is where the luxury really shines through, thanks to the 10.25 inch multimedia touchscreen display, a DAB+ digital radio, a Harman Kardon premium audio system with 10 speakers, and satellite navigation. The Santa Fe Elite has a luggage net, a smart power tailgate, rear window sunshades and of course, Hyundai SmartSense.


Hyunday Santa Fe Highlander


The Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander boasts many of the same features as the Elite model, and is fitted with 20 inch alloy wheels and nappa leather appointed seats. The main additional aspects of the Highlander include the panoramic glass sunroof, heated and air ventilated front seats, heated 2nd row seats, a heated steering wheel and an Integrated Memory System (IMS) for the driver’s seat. The Highlander has a 12.3 inch full LCD cluster, LED projector beam headlamps and LED rear combination lights, and of course is also fully fitted with Hyundai SmartSense.


Hyundai Santa Fe Safety and Features


Safety is one of the most important aspects of any vehicle and here at Wrong Fuel Rescue we believe that this should include an array of aspects to actually be considered safe, including advanced technology, performance, and driver assistance. The Santa Fe checks all safety boxes thanks to Hyundai SmartSense, which is a system of advanced and interconnected safety features that all work together to ensure driver safety, whether it be with alerts, radars, cameras or ultrasonic sensors, the Santa Fe is a driver’s guardian.


Some of the features that are included in Hyundai Smart Sense include Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R), Blind-Spot View Monitor (BMV), Surround View Monitor (SVM), Driver Attention Warning (DAW), Forward Collision-Avoidance and High Beam Assist. The Santa Fe also has Lane Following Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, and a Remote Smart Parking Assist System.


The first notable safety features ensure that the driver of the vehicle doesn’t have to worry about colliding with something that is out of their view, thanks to Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA-R) in the rear as well as Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM). BCA-R is a driver’s best friend and makes use of the radar sensors that are located in the rear bumper, acting as a second set of eyes and monitoring the blind spot of the vehicle. If the system detects a hazard it will provide a visual and audible alert to the driver and if the system detects that there is an imminent collision, it will automatically initiate active avoidance steering to maneuver the vehicle away from the hazard.


BVM on the other hand kicks into play when the driver uses the indicator, it will then display a real-time video of vehicles blind spots and allow the driver to make a safe and clear transition. Surround View Monitor (SVM) also makes use of cameras and sensors and is a multi-camera system that shows a 360 degree birds eye view of the vehicle, and will then display this on the multimedia screen, allowing the driver to see exactly what is around the vehicle and exactly how much space they have.


The Hyundai SmartSense helps the Santa Fe stay in its own lane with the many lane related features available to the driver. First, Lane Following Assist makes use of the camera mounted on the front windshield and will detect the lane markings, and will also assist the driver in keeping the vehicle in the centre of the lane. This is followed up by Lane Keeping Assist which will detect if the vehicle starts straying from the boundaries picked up by Lane Following Assist, and it will provide an audible and visual alert to let the driver know and give them time to get back in their lane.


The Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander model also has an incredibly innovative and high-tech feature, specifically designed to get you out of any tight parking spot. With Remote Start Parking Assist, you don’t have to worry if you come back to your vehicle only to find that someone has parked so close to you that you can’t even open your doors. When that happens, the driver can activate RSPAS with their smart key and the vehicle will safely drive itself out of the spot.


Wrong fuel rescue for a Hyundai Santa Fe


Wrong Fuel Rescue has rescued hundreds of Santa Fe’s over the years and is proud to be Australia’s most trusted, quickest and cost effective solution to getting your Santa Fe’s fuel tank drained and back on the road. With our Australian based call center and skilled roadside assistance mechanics located across the country, we are the best solution for all Grand Cherokee models. If you have put petrol in your diesel Santa Fe or diesel in your petrol Santa Fe, simply remain calm and wait for Wrong Fuel Rescue and our timely service to get you back to work, your off-road adventure, or your family.


Adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can happen to anyone at any time, and Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help and to rescue you from any misfueling scenario. To avoid adding the wrong fuel to your Santa Fe, our best advice at Wrong Fuel Rescue is to always double check the pump before filling up your vehicle. Below we have given a few indicators from Wrong Fuel Rescue that you should be wary of, as they can increase the risk of adding the wrong fuel to your vehicle:


  • Switching between brands, different hose/nozzle colours
  • Filling up at a different fuel servo to your usual one – don’t assume hose colours are the same as your local servo and always double check
  • It’s a new car using different fuel to your old car
  • Swapping between cars (using different fuel) at home or work – it’s easy to ‘forget’ which car you’re filling and which fuel it needs
  • You are distracted by your passengers while filling up
  • You are in a rush


If you are a proud Hyundai Santa Fe driver, you should be prepared for a wrong fuel scenario by understanding the Wrong Fuel Rescue warning signs to look out for.


  • If you have put petrol in your diesel Santa Fe you may notice:
  • Your car struggles or fails to start
  • A loud knocking sound whilst driving or whilst the engine is idling
  • Your engine warning light may illuminate
  • Your engine may stop altogether
  • An excessive amount of smoke coming from your exhaust
  • Slower than usual acceleration and reduced performance


If you have put diesel into your petrol Santa Fe some of the things that Wrong Fuel Rescue finds you may notice include:


  • Your engine misfires causing your vehicle to feel like it is jerking down the road
  • Excess smoke from your exhaust caused from unburnt fuel (diesel)
  • Your engine cuts out
  • Your engine won’t start no matter how many times you try to turn it over