The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Ford Ranger


The Ford Ranger is considered to be an esteemed vehicle by many ute drivers and is popular amongst many Australians for good reason. Whether you’re prioritising comfort, power, or convenience the Ranger essentially ticks all boxes and is ideal for personal day-to-day use, and also ideal as a work vehicle. Read our short Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Ford Ranger for insider information on the vehicle, its performance and power, its history, and its incredibly competitive tech features.


Ford Australia:


Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford, produces a wide range of vehicles suited to many lifestyles and budgets. The company is a global initiative that has uplifted many people through the designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing fields needed to craft and distribute these unique vehicles. The Ford Motor Company arrived in Australia and has been positively impacting the livelihoods of many Australians since, offering extensive employment opportunities to the Australian community, as it is ranked the largest automotive employer.


The Ford Motor Company of Australia produces award-winning vehicles, ensuring that every Ford owner drives a vehicle of superb quality, suited ideally to their lifestyle, and that their driving experience is unbeaten. At Ford, every Ford vehicle owner is of top priority. Ford Australia is located in Geelong, Victoria and since 1925, have been designing, engineering, and importing Ford vehicles for the Australian public. Among these vehicles is the highly acclaimed Ford Ranger.


Ford Ranger:


Ford designed a car made to conquer any outdoor terrain, to be able to wander as far as the driver was willing and to successfully approach any area with ease and comfort. The Ford Ranger is available in five models, the Ranger XL, Ranger XLS, Ranger XLT, Ranger Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor X, which are fitted with a 3.2L or 2.2L diesel engine. There are different Ford Ranger models suited to different needs, lifestyles, budgets, and despite Henry Ford’s wishes of only selling black cars, colours.


The Ranger is a compact Ute with excellent power designed to match a head-on approach to challenges. The power of the vehicle is then matched by the high-quality design, focusing on comfort, and the inclusion of the latest safety and technological features. Exploring Australia has never been easier than with a Ford Ranger.


It is easy to understand why the Ford Ranger is one of Australia’s top vehicles. Overall, the Ford Ranger won the prestigious award of Australia’s best dual-cab Ute. When compared to the Holden Colorado or Mazda BT 50, we think that the Ford Ranger is unbeaten, with the XLT winning the car of the year award in 2020 and the Money Magazine “best-value tradie car” award 2021, proving our point.


Ford Ranger features


The award-winning nature of the Ford Ranger is largely thanks to the various features that the Ranger offers, including its towing capacity, water-wading capacity, adaptive cruise control and hill descent control among others. The towing capacity of the Ranger is fairly competitive and is in the same league as other popular utes, with a capacity of up to 3500kg braked towing capacity, and 6000kg gross combined mass.


Loading the Ranger is also an easy task thanks to the tailgate boasting Lift Assistance, an innovative torsion rod which allegedly takes 70% less effort from the driver to close. The driver can also rest assured that whatever they are loading into the Ranger will be safe with the Power Roller Shutter, a standard on the Wildtrak. The power-operated roller shutter provides secure protection for whatever it is that you’re transporting and can be operated from the dash, inside the tray or on the key.


In terms of actually driving the Ranger, you’re in for a smooth and convenient drive thanks to Adaptive Cruise Control which is standard on the XLT and the Wildtrak. Adaptive cruise control will detect if the cars in front of you slow down and will automatically slow the Ranger’s speed to ensure that it is maintaining a pre-set safe distance. Once the traffic clears or the vehicles ahead speed up, the ranger will pick up speed again.


The vehicle also assists with safety through Lane Keeping Aid with Lane Departure Warning, a feature that assesses the road markings around the vehicle and will be able to detect if the Ranger drifts out of your lane. If it senses you’re drifting it will vibrate the steering wheel to alert the driver, getting you safely back into your lane.


When it comes to driving the Ranger off-road, it is most definitely a vehicle that was made to conquer outdoor terrain. Hill Descent Control is automatically applied to the brakes of the vehicle and will slow it down allowing you to maneuver at your own pace with full control. And if your off-road Ranger adventure includes driving through water, the vehicle will cope quite well with a 800mm water wading capacity.


Ford Ranger Technology


At Wrong Fuel Rescue we consider technology to be an important aspect of a vehicle for numerous reasons, this includes user-convenience and comfort, but most importantly safety. Having high-grade technology that strengthens the connection between driver and vehicle is an incredibly beneficial tool in terms of safety, and being able to rely on your vehicle for these safety elements is an absolute must. Thankfully, the Ford Ranger passes the test with FordPass Connect.


FordPass Connect is an embedded modem that is now fitted on every single Ford Ranger and can be connected to the FordPass App which is available on Android and IOS smartphones, making communicating with your vehicle that much more efficient. The specific features of the app that Wrong Fuel Rescue finds especially useful, are the option to locate your vehicle (great for theft situations and also for forgetting where you parked) and the option to lock and unlock your Ranger doors remotely, which again is ideal for safety.


The Ford Ranger is fitted with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Protection which means that when the vehicle is going above 3.6km/h, AEB and Pedestrian Protection will automatically assess the vehicle’s surroundings and will detect if there is a pedestrian in front of you, or if the car in front has stopped suddenly. It will then automatically apply the brakes to halt your Ranger, protecting both the driver and those around them.


The Ranger is also fitted with Active Park Assist which makes parallel parking an absolute breeze. Active Park Assist comes standard on all Wildtrak models and will automatically steer the vehicle into a suitable parking spot, avoiding the embarrassment of doing several turns trying to squeeze your vehicle into a spot while the car behind you holds down the hooter. This feature is another reason why Wrong Fuel Rescue is a big fan of the Ranger, because it is the first to offer Active Park Assist in the pick-up category.


The next truly ingenious feature of the Ranger is Traffic Sign Recognition, and while that may not sound all that impressive, the technology is incredibly advanced. Traffic Sign Recognition, when activated, essentially allows the forward-facing camera of the Ranger to automatically detect and assess the current speed limit around you and then projects this on the instrument cluster, alerting you if you are driving over the speed limit that the technology detects. Ideal for ensuring safety by driving the designated speed limit, and ideal for avoiding hefty speeding fines.


The Ranger is a great option if you’re in the market for a vehicle with high-grade sound and connectivity systems. The vehicle is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 11 which both allow you to connect your smartphone to the Ranger. You can also use voice commands for hands-free control and can make calls, send messages, listen to messages and music and search for destinations, transforming the Ranger to an office on wheels for the entrepreneur on the go. This is all made possible with the assistance of SYNC 3 with 8” Touchscreen.


Why Drive a Ford Ranger?


Safety: Ford Rangers are fitted with safety packages and features that are innovative and effective. The Ford driver and passengers are important to Ford, and thus your safety is of top priority. Multiple airbags, elevated driving position, and adjustable seats are a few of the common safety features which can be found in every Ford Ranger, alongside the tech features mentioned.


Comfort: Comfort is always key for any vehicle. The Ranger boasts extreme comfort for the driver and passengers with leather seats and enough space for a family of five to drive comfortably.


Accessibility: The power and drive of the Ford Range mean that no area is inaccessible. Enjoy a wider range of adventures when you own a Ranger.


Smart Technology: Every Ranger boasts selectively designed smart technology to improve your driving experience. The Ford Rangers are also improving with every model to assure a smooth and quiet drive for ultimate enjoyment whilst driving.


Before buying a Ford Ranger it is important to find a model which best suits your needs and lifestyle. It is also suggested to find a dealership near you and test-drive your desired Ranger model to ensure that you can comfortably and confidently drive your vehicle.


Wrong fuel rescue for a Ford Ranger


All Ford Rangers come with a 80 litre fuel tank. Adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can happen to anyone at any time, and Wrong Fuel Rescue is here to help. To avoid adding the wrong fuel to your Ford Ranger, our best advice at Wrong Fuel Rescue is to always double check the pump before filling up.


Below are some indicators from Wrong Fuel Rescue that you should be wary of as they can increase the risk of adding the wrong fuel to your Ranger:


1.Filling up at a different fuel servo to your usual one – don’t assume hose colours are the same as your local servo and always double check

2.Switching between brands, different hose/nozzle colours

3.Swapping between cars (using different fuel) at home or work – it’s easy to ‘forget’ which car you’re filling and which fuel it needs

4.It’s a new car using different fuel to your old car

5.You are distracted by your passengers while filling up

6.You are in a rush


If you are a proud Ford Ranger driver, you should be prepared for a wrong fuel scenario by understanding the Wrong Fuel Rescue warning signs to look out for.


If you have put petrol in your diesel Ford Ranger you may notice:


1.A loud knocking sound whilst driving or whilst the engine is idling

2.An excessive amount of smoke coming from your exhaust

3.Slower than usual acceleration and reduced performance

4.Your engine warning light may illuminate

5.Your engine may stop altogether

6.Your car struggles or fails to start


If you have put diesel into your petrol vehicle some of the things you may notice:


1.Your engine misfires causing your vehicle to feel like it is jerking down the road

2.Excess smoke from your exhaust caused from unburnt fuel (diesel)

3.Your engine cuts out

4.Your engine won’t start no matter how many times you try to turn it over


Wrong Fuel Rescue has rescued hundreds of Ford Ranger’s over the years and is proud to be Australia’s most trusted, quickest and cost effective solution to getting your Ranger fuel tank drained and getting you back on the road.


With our Australian based call center and skilled roadside assistance mechanics located across the country, we are the quickest and most cost-effective solution for all Ford Ranger models. If you have put petrol in your diesel Ford Ranger, simply remain calm and wait for Wrong Fuel Rescue and our timely service to get you back to work, your off-road adventure, or your family.