The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Ford Everest


The Ford Everest is a powerhouse in its own right. When you share your name with the highest peak on Earth, you make a rather bold, and unsubtle commitment to being the “greatest” in every sense of the word. Is the all-new, Next-Gen Ford Everest scaling new heights and worthy of being on top of the SUV world? Join us in this Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Ford Everest to find out. We’ll get you updated on everything you need to know about the Ford Everest as well as what to do if you find yourself in a misfuelling situation with this vehicle.


The Next-Gen Ford Everest – Biggest Changes and Different Models


The 2022 Ford Everest is the first to hail from the Third Generation that was revealed earlier in the year. The exterior sports a completely overhauled design from the previous generation, with numerous updates and upgrades to go along with it. And as far as size goes, the Next-Gen Everest is bigger in length, width and height compared to its generational predecessor. The track is 50mm wider at 1620mm, the wheelbase is 50mm longer at 2900mm, and the total length has been increased by 47mm to 4940mm.


Ford has kept things relatively simple, as they tend to do in this department, when it comes to the different model options. There are a total of four different options available to the Australian market, namely Ambiente, Trend, Sport, and the top-of-the-range Platinum version. Each model has varying degrees of changes in several different aspects as you move up from entry-level (Ambiente) to the premium (Platinum) option.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Ford Everest Exterior


As far as the styling goes, Ford has unapologetically gone for an “Americanised”, squared-up look on the outside that undoubtedly ramps up the ruggedness. The body also sits on a wider chassis, with a lower ground clearance which emphasises the squared shape terrifically. There’s no doubt this will be a big talking point amongst general consumers and 4×4 enthusiasts alike.


The front boasts a large, signature grille that is complemented by the impressive C-Clamp headlights that are instantly recognisable. The rear has done away with the soft, rounded edges of earlier generations, accompanied by LED taillamps that bring out the SUV’s broad shoulders. This makes for a striking appearance that matches the front swimmingly. When it comes to the sides, the flared wheel arches look great as well, and the strong shoulder line is evident throughout the side profile. Overall, it’s a clean, bold design that is sure to remain timeless.


In terms of colours, Ford keeps it simple. Regardless of the model, there are six external options available to you:


  • Arctic White
  • Meteor Grey
  • Aluminium Silver
  • Sedona Orange
  • Equinox Bronze
  • Shadow Black


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Ford Everest Interior


The interior is where you’ll notice the biggest upgrade to the premium SUV that Ford is aiming for with the new Everest. The materials, as well as their fit and finish, have really taken a big step up. It’s functional and well-designed, with comfort to boot. Some of the best highlights would certainly be the versatile infotainment system, the digital dash cluster, and the vertical dash layout that mimics that of the bold, exterior grille quite cunningly.


Like the most prevalent touchpoints, the seats, too, are comfortable and exude quality. Over and above the front seats crafted with 10-way adjustments, they also have a heating and cooling function for both weather extremes, with the driver’s seat possessing a useful memory function. Additionally, the second row also has a heating/cooling function while all other rows have their own adjustable air vents.


The inside of the new Ford Everest is adequately spacious for a seven-seater and accessing the third row is a breeze thanks to the second row being able to slide forward. The fit may be snug for some adults, but it’s pleasing to know that the space is there if needed. Even when using the third row, there is still 259 litres of luggage space. A simple push of a button drops the third and second-row seats instantly, increasing the space to 898 litres and 1823 litres respectively.


In terms of other storage space, Everest passes with flying colours. There are cupholders where you’d expect them to be and bottle holders in the doors with adequate compartments for miscellanies. There are numerous USB, type-C, and type-B charging ports throughout the interior as well as 12-volt sockets up front, in the third row, and in the luggage compartment. The Platinum model also includes a 400-watt inverter, which is handy for charging bigger items such as laptops, drones, and other camping gadgets.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Ford Everest Infotainment and Digital Cluster


The SYNC® 4A is a cloud-connected infotainment system that comes standard across the entire Next-Gen Ford Everest range and draws your attention immediately once you get in the SUV. The Ambiente is fitted with a 10.1-inch touchscreen as opposed to the 12-inch offered in the other models but is in no way less superior in functionality. The SYNC® 4A system seamlessly allows for Apple and Android integration, including wireless charging as well as the ability to connect to the FordPass App which, in addition, enables you to remotely start, lock, unlock, and locate your Ford Everest.


The portrait-styled screen can be used to control just about everything in the vehicle, a welcoming feature in light of the sometimes overwhelming layout of the previous generation. With the Next-Gen Everest, most functions have been streamlined to work within the SYNC® system so that there are fewer buttons and frills in and around the console. Key features include satellite navigation with real-time traffic information, a digital owner’s manual, car software system updates, and voice activation.


The driver’s instrument panel has also been upgraded to feature a digital display that replaces the traditional analogue pieces of the previous generation – something that we’ve come to expect from vehicles in the luxury SUV category nowadays. The cluster is fully customisable to the driver’s preferences, showing as much or as little information as needed, on either an 8-inch or 12.4-inch screen, depending on the model in question.


Another undeniably great feature that can’t go without mention is the 360° camera that is available in the flagship, Platinum model. The surround-view camera is a practical addition for when you need to handle a big car in tight spaces and can be equally useful when navigating obstacles while you’re out adventuring.


From the large centre display, you’ll be able to choose from multiple camera views to track your surroundings better than ever. This includes a bird’s eye 360-degree top-down view, 180-degree front and rear split view, front off-road view, and rear trailer hitch view.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Ford Everest Engines and Drivability


The Next-Gen Ford Everest features a new and proven engine line-up to cover everything from towing and hauling to day-to-day city driving. The luxury SUV comes with the choice of the new 3.0-litre V6 or the proven 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that boast 184kW/600Nm and 154kW/500Nm respectively. Both engines will be paired to Ford’s 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission with two- and four-wheel drive configurations available within the line-up.


Depending on the model variant, up to six selectable driving modes will be offered. On-road modes include Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul and Slippery, while off-road selections are between Sand and Mud/Rut, allowing the Everest a better driving dynamic when the conditions call for them. Engaging the modes has also been made splendidly simple through the easy-to-use rotary dial in the centre console – one of the few, but necessary, buttons found in this generation’s offering.


Another significant improvement, thanks to better cooling, better brakes, a strengthened frame, and a more robust rear axle, is the 3.5-ton towing capacity. A whopping 400-kilogram improvement from the previous generation, and a great feature when you consider the lifestyle application of the Everest SUVs. However, this type of hauling will be best suited for the bigger 3.0-litre V6 engine.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to The Ford Everest Safety Features


Drivers will be pleased to know that the new features and remarkable innovation of the Next-Gen Ford Everest did not come at any expense to the safety department. The New-Gen Everest includes a network of safety features and smart driver assistance technologies that all work together to protect both you and your passengers. You can drive with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the Ford Everest has achieved the maximum ANCAP safety rating of five stars.


Some of the safety features that helped the Ford Everest get this qualification are:


  • Ford Everest Pre-Collision Assist with Intersection Assist
  • Ford Everest Lane-Keeping System with Road Edge Detection
  • Ford Everest Active Park Assist 2.0
  • A total of nine airbags throughout the vehicle
  • Ford Everest Evasive Steer Assist
  • Ford Everest Reverse Brake Assist
  • Ford Everest BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage


In need of a Wrong Fuel Rescue for your Ford Everest?


There is no doubt about it, the Next-Gen Ford Everest is a fantastic luxury SUV with a broad array of impressive features and functions. However, it can only function at full capacity when it has the correct fuel. With everything the Everest has got going for it, combined with the sheer magnificence of the vehicle, anyone could be forgiven for a lapse in concentration and an accidental misfuelling situation.


If you have accidentally misfuelled your Ford Everest, there’s no need to be alarmed – the majority of these misfuelling situations can be rectified, and we at Wrong Fuel Rescue are the ones to do it. As Australia’s leading misfuelling specialists, we help thousands of motorists in the same scenario each year. We are dedicated to helping drivers get safely back on the road and, most importantly, ensuring their vehicles are running smoothly after a misfuelling mishap.


What to do if you have misfuelled your Diesel Ford Everest with Petrol


Misfuelling your diesel Ford Everest with petrol is a fairly easy error to make. Whether misfuelling was caused by a moment of distraction, or because you’re simply still getting familiar with your new car, the 2.0 turbo-diesel or powerful 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine of the Ford Everest may become extremely expensive ornaments if you don’t call for a wrong fuel rescue. This unfortunate mishap can cause some serious damage, so if you have any suspicion that you might have misfuelled your Ford Everest, here is what you should do:


-If you recognise your mistake as soon as you’ve made it, do not switch the vehicle on or even put your key into the ignition under any circumstances. This can prompt the electric fuel pump to engage and inadvertently blend the different fuel types together.


This situation will require a full fuel drain from the Wrong Fuel Rescue team of experts. The good news is that once the fuel has been drained and correctly replaced, there will be no engine damage and your Ford Everest will be good to go once again.


– If you’ve already turned on the engine or have begun driving, stop the car as soon as you notice any hitches and, imperatively, when it’s safe to do so. Give us a call and wait for your wrong fuel rescue.


In this scenario, the Wrong Fuel Rescue experts would need to take every precaution to remove every last drop of the incorrect fuel. This requires a full fuel tank drain, a fuel system flush, and the spark plugs to be cleansed or replaced once the correct fuel (diesel in this case) has circulated through the system.


In either case, should you end up accidentally misfuelling your Ford Everest, your next step should be to contact Wrong Fuel Rescue as soon as possible. We offer a completely mobile solution to misfuelling through our fleet of skilled Roadside Assistance mechanics to provide an immediate and cost-effective solution for your misfuelling woes. That means no more waiting for a tow or hassling to get your vehicle to a service station, we get you safely back on the road then and there. So don’t hesitate to contact Wrong Fuel Rescue when you’re in need of assistance.