The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Fiat Scudo


Fiat has brought back their popular multifunctional van, the Fiat Scudo. A variety of amazing new features have been added to this model and buyers will be thrilled to note the increased comfort, power, and additional safety features. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this beloved design has been levelled up for your benefit. Fiat has made a positive impression on drivers all over the globe. Fiat vans such as the Scudo have become popular options in the commercial vehicle market in Australia. Read the Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the Fiat Scudo for more information on this versatile vehicle.


Wrong Fuel Rescue: History of Fiat and the Fiat Scudo


Fiat has been around for over a century and has continued to diversify its vehicle designs. The first commercial Fiat truck made its appearance in 1903 and was named the 16-24HP. This was the first Fiat truck ever produced and was given this name due to the engine power which, at the time, was measured in steam horsepower.


The 16-24HP had a flatbed that was made from seasoned wood and was able to seat four passengers. This vehicle was produced on a small scale but later a new model, the 18-24HP, was produced on a much larger scale due to the success of previous models.


Furthermore, during the First World War, militaries were a major customer. The company supplied Great Britain, Russia, France, and Greece with light commercial vehicles. The British postal service also began buying the Fiat 1F.


This was known as the vehicle with the first proper body and was used for short-range services. It had a carrying capacity of 500kg and a displacement of 1846cc. Moreover, the Fiat Scudo was first released in 2007. Interestingly, it was built together with the PSA Group, formerly known as PSA Peugeot Citroën. However, Fiat withdrew from this project in 2012 and the production of the Scudo continued until 2016.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Power and Performance in the Fiat Scudo


The Fiat Scudo is available in all trim lengths and levels. You will be able to choose between a diesel or electric engine which gives this car a new level of performance. If you choose an electric motor, you may also choose the perfect battery size for the car, 50 or 70 kWh, whichever will suit your everyday needs.


If you select a diesel motor, you will be able to choose from four engine types. These four options include the 102 MultiJet, 120 MultiJet, 145 MultiJet, and the 145 MultiJet AT. The power and torque of the 102 MultiJet are 75kW at 3750 RPM respectively.


The power and torque of the 120 MultiJet3 are 88kW at 3750 RPM and 33Nm at 1750 RPM. All of these engine types have fuel systems that have an electronically controlled Common Rail 120 MultiJet directly injected with a variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler.


The diesel engine is available in a 1.5-litre and drivers can choose between 100HP or 120HP. It also has a 6-speed manual transmission. The 2-litre version is the Multijet diesel engine and has 145HP with the choice between either an 8-speed automatic transmission or a manual transmission. The Fiat Scudo’s fuel tank capacity is 80 litres.


The last generation diesel engine has four power steps as well as dual transmission available. A new, smoother, more responsive driving experience gives you the freedom to move with ease.


This car may look compact from the outside with a height of 190cm. However, the volume of the car is large, with a loading capacity of 6,6m3 as well as up to 1400kg payload available. The electric motor Fiat Scudo has a great range of engines available with up to 330km of maximum range and a maximum speed of 130 km/h. This car has a reduced charging time and produces zero CO2 emissions.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Fiat Scudo’s Tech Features


The new Fiat Scudo provides drivers with monitor key driving information, so drivers will not need to take their eyes off the road.


This model includes new safety devices that allow drivers to keep track of their speed, road signs and lane boundaries. These safety devices also include audio and visual signs that notify the driver of any obstacles on the path. The Scudo is also equipped with a radio that has a 7″ colour touchscreen and an integrated navigator.


Furthermore, it also shows drivers where they can locate a petrol station or a parking lot, displays the local weather, and drivers can do easy searches on their points of interest. Drivers will also be able to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to listen to music or podcasts to keep them company while they hit the road.


The new Fiat Scudo has steering wheel audio controls making it less dangerous to interact with your car radio when you’re driving. The driver will be able to use these controls without taking their hands off the steering wheel or taking their eyes off the road.


This vehicle also has a digital cluster that has a 4″ LCD display. This shows the driver important parameters related to their driving. The screen shows the driver important driving information such as speed and fuel consumption, as well as safety systems in function and speed limits. The electric version of the car also displays the charge levels of the motor and battery.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Fiat Scudo’s Design Features


The new Fiat Scudo was designed for professionals who use their vehicles for 8 hours or more every day. The main focal point of the design for this vehicle was increased comfort, with the goal being to give drivers a stress-free experience while on the road.


The new Scudo is a vehicle that offers all the necessary comforts for any type of business trip. The seats, steering wheel, and car-like driving position provide drivers with maximum comfort on both short and long journeys. The car-like driving feature, as well as effective soundproofing, minimises any jolts and vibrations.


The new innovative features have improved everyday life within the car. The new design has a state-of-the-art system that makes loading large materials convenient. There is also a folding hatch found under the passenger seat which makes it possible to extend the loading area.


The driving position provides drivers with an excellent level of comfort and the elevated seat position provides drivers with optimal road visibility. For added comfort, this vehicle also has a road-holding feature.


This feature provides suspension damping in all different types of driving conditions using the four independent wheel suspensions available. This enhances the variable stiffness springs and has load adaptive variable damping, a system that varies the damping of the vehicle’s ride height, and shock absorbers.


The loading area can be extended by 3.67 metres in the standard version and can reach up to 4.02 metres in the Maxi version. This increases the amount that a business can transport at once and allows one to store things conveniently.


Folding the passenger seat creates a practical table where you can place your laptop or tablet, or enjoy a comfortable space for a quick lunch break. There is also an opening from the cargo area to the cab, which allows the transport of extra-long objects.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Safety in the Fiat Scudo


Feel secure every time you drive in the Fiat Scudo with safety features that are designed to make every trip as safe as possible. The new Fiat Scudo has 14 active and passive safety devices within the car. These devices are used to support the driver during every journey. Wrong Fuel Rescue’s safety guide will clearly explain all the safety features available on the new Fiat Scudo and how this can benefit drivers.


The first feature mentioned is traffic signal recognition. This device recognises road signs and will display them on the digital cluster display.


Precision cruise control systems take all the stress and frustration out of long-distance travelling.


There are also lane departure warnings that detect the edges of the road at any speed. This is used to warn the driver with audio and visual signs when the vehicle is going over the lane boundaries.


Amazingly, there is also a device that alerts drivers of obstacles that are in their blind spots. The sensor will alert the Scudo driver of potentially dangerous situations. For example, attempting to change lanes while another vehicle is present in the driver’s blind spot will trigger the alert.


Forward collision warning and AEB (Active Emergency Break) control are other amazing safety features available. This allows the driver to detect other cars and people around them. The AEB control activates the emergency brake to prevent collisions or to reduce the impact.


Furthermore, there are rear-view cameras to make reversing and parking easier. Lastly, the grip control feature allows drivers to select different driving modes such as mud, snow, asphalt, and sand. This is perfect for driving in many different conditions.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your Fiat Scudo?


Misfuelling is what happens when you add the wrong fuel type to your engine, by adding diesel to your petrol engine, or petrol to your diesel engine. This is a common mistake and can happen if you’re new to the vehicle and its fuel type, should you be distracted after a long day at work and simply don’t notice, or are confused by the various fuel pumps. However, if it happens, our team at Wrong Fuel Rescue are the experts who will be there to assist.


Ignoring the dangers of misfuelling can lead to expensive repairs and could set you back even further on your journey if you’re not sure what to look out for. These are the warning signs you should be aware of, should you have accidentally put petrol into your diesel engine:


  • Your vehicle will be accelerating at a slower pace
  • Loud knocking sounds
  • Smoke appearing from the exhaust
  • The vehicle may cut off while driving
  • Stuttering while driving


If any of these occur while you are driving, pull over as soon as you can and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. Once you call Wrong Fuel Rescue, we will hurry to assist you and get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Alternatively, these are the warning signs you should be aware of should you have accidentally put diesel into your petrol engine:


  • The vehicle struggling to start or not starting at all
  • The vehicle may cut out whilst driving
  • Jerking movements while driving
  • A large amount of smoke from the exhaust pipe


If any of these occur while you are driving, pull over as soon as possible in a suitable and safe place, and call our experts at Wrong Fuel Rescue for assistance.