The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the BMW X3


The new BMW X3 is quickly becoming a popular vehicle across the board, with the third generation of this design now on the market. This is a successful SUV that holds a compact design, boasting an impressive blend of style, safety and comfort. This is the first midsize SUV available, making it the perfect middleground, as it is not as large as the X6, but far more spacious than the X1.


The BMW X3 has supreme highlights both in its interior and exterior design, as well as a high-performance engine. You will be able to choose from a variety of engine size options, available in either petrol or diesel, or opt for the electric version of this car– the BMW iX3. If you’re interested in this extraordinary vehicle, or own one already, this guide will give you the full scoop on what the BMW X3 has to offer, as well as the immediate steps to take if you should accidentally put the wrong fuel in this vehicle.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the History of the BMW X3


BMW is known across the world as one of the most highly-rated luxury vehicles, and the X3 has been a staggering success over the years, especially since its latest facelift in 2021. There have been three generations of this design since its original launch, with each generation adding improvements to both design and overall performance as the demand for this stylish SUV grew rapidly.


The first generation: This version was produced in 2003 as a smaller version of the X5, and it was available with the option of 2.0-litre, 2.5-litre and 3.0-litre engines, and the option of manual transmissions at 6-speed and automatic transmissions at 5-speed. This version already had an all-wheel drive system as well as a spacious interior to comfortably seat 5 people.


The second generation: This was a big improvement on the first generation and many earlier issues were solved with this new design, including an improved suspension, and a far more comfortable interior. This design came with an engine size that ranged from 2.0 litres to 3.0 litres, and a transmission that had increased to 8-speed.


This generation of the BMW X3 vehicle was also sold in packages, with design add-ons to suit specific needs of the driver. This included a sports package, a cold weather package, as well as a premium package, each with its own unique benefits. The second generation boasts innovative fog lights, windshield wipers that work on a rain sensor, Bluetooth, automatic climate control, plenty of storage space, and the convenience of opening the tailgate with your foot thanks to the ‘kick feature’. This ingenious sensor feature is fitted under the rear bumper and allows drivers to open the boot by simply sliding their foot under the vehicle.


The third generation: This was developed in 2017 and received a facelift with a few added features in 2021, which is now the latest version of this vehicle. The third generation is by far the most superior design and a great investment as your vehicle of choice. This generation has a redesigned exterior and updated software with a variety of automated features.


A larger wheelbase adds more room to the interior, with added comfort incorporated into the design. It also includes improved automated systems such as semi-automated drive functions with lane-assisting technology. Its engine is improved with 2.0-litre to 3.5-litre options and 473 HorsePower.


Listed below are just a few improvements that BMW has prioritised over the years. The third generation is a perfect example of a vehicle that is balanced in both exterior design and interior comfort. Face your next adventure head on with this innovative motor vehicle.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Analyses the BMW X3 Design


The design of the BMW X3 offers many benefits that contribute to both aesthetics and performance abilities. It is a shining example of motor transport, with an improved exterior body that gives a sporty, yet elegant feel to the design. It has larger wheels for a better drive and a sportier look. The BMW X3 is advertised as the perfect car for anyone seeking adventure.


The modern bumper of the X3 third generation gives the design of this vehicle a distinctive aesthetic. The rear lights have been reshaped and equipped with high-quality LED technology to increase visibility. The underbody of this car has also been redesigned for a more robust and sturdy appearance. The side mirrors are aerodynamic and add to the stylish look of this car.


The improvements to this design don’t just stop at the exterior appearance, the BMW X3 also boasts a tasteful interior that emphasises this vehicle’s distinct style. Drivers will appreciate the professionally designed sports seats at the front of the vehicle which offer unbelievable comfort.


The Live Cockpit Professional function has a double-screen display with sophisticated technology available for navigation. The 12.3“ screen boasts a touch screen function that can be conveniently controlled while driving. The instrument display is digital, for easy adjustments to be made to air conditioning and other interior functions on the control panel.


The stylish look and feel of the interior design is amplified by the carefully-designed light display, and the high-quality materials used in the finishes. Leather seats and trimmings make this car feel like a timeless classic, with silver ornamentation on the control features.


The boot is immensely spacious, so you don’t need to worry about running out of room. If you’re planning on carting around camping gear and whatever else you need for your next adventure, the BMW X3 can handle it. You can maximise your boot space when needed by lowering the back seats and doubling the size of the storage spot.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Performance Benefits of the BMW X3


The BMW X3 was designed specifically with performance in mind, and it doesn’t disappoint. Both the petrol and diesel versions of this car’s engine are twin-power turbo engines for the best performance and a pleasurable drive. The entry-level version is a 2.0-litre engine with 4 cylinders that allows the car to accelerate at a high speed, making this one of the most powerful SUVs on the market sold as a family car. The car also consists of an impressive torque of 399Nm.


The BMW X3 has two drive options to choose from, all-wheel-drive or two-wheel drive. This allows you to adjust the performance depending on your needs. You can make the most of this vehicle on off road adventures where the BMW X3 is truly able to shine. The All-Wheel Drive system is one of the most advanced when compared to other brands and car designs. It is highly recommended to choose the All-Wheel Drive model option if you frequently drive off-road.


The BMW X3 has an impressive acceleration rate, able to accelerate from 0 – 100kmph in around 5.5 seconds. This is a powerful engine that can reach 473 HorsePower without much difficulty. The improved suspension and brake system on this model makes it easy and advantageous to drive. It performs on all levels, making it a trustworthy and reliable option.


Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide: Deciding on the BMW X3


If you aren’t already sold on the impressive abilities of the BMW X3, the following perks of this vehicle model may help you decide if the BMW X3 is able to suit both you and your family’s needs.


This BMW X3 has a perfect balance of sport, high performance, and comfort, making it a great car for anyone seeking out an adventure without compromising on luxury. The refined diesel option makes it the perfect vehicle for longer road trips, and you’ll be able to comfortably travel long distances thanks to the cushy interior.


This is a fantastic family car to take on holiday with you, and there is space for everyone considering the 5 seats and large boot space. The X3 has tried and tested safety systems in place so you can feel at ease with this reliable vehicle. Even in the case of bumps in the road, the X3 can tackle these effortlessly, ensuring you a smooth and comfortable drive.


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue in your BMW X3?


Putting the wrong fuel into your prized vehicle can lead to devastating results and can greatly damage your BMW X3 if not handled properly. While this may sound like cause for concern, don’t worry, the professionals are here to help. We’ll guide you through the best steps to follow if you accidentally end up putting the wrong fuel in your BMW X3.


Filling up with the wrong fuel at a gas station happens more often than you might imagine. It is a common human error and can often occur while a driver is distracted at the pumps, and chooses the wrong fuel without realising it. It may seem like a small error, however, filling up your BMW X3 with the wrong fuel can cause devastating consequences for your vehicle and may leave you with some costly expenses if not managed correctly. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it could be a sure sign that you may need a wrong fuel rescue.


Misfuelling your diesel BMW X3 with petrol:


  • Your engine cuts out
  • One or more cylinders stop producing power
  • Smoke coming from your exhaust


Misfuelling your petrol BMW X3 with diesel:


  • an unusual knocking sound from your engine
  • Smoke from your exhaust
  • Your vehicle struggles to accelerate
  • Your vehicle struggles to start
  • Your engine shuts down completely
  • Your warning lights come on


Wrong Fuel Rescue Plan of Action


Accidentally filling your diesel BMW X3 with petrol can seriously damage your engine and leave lasting issues with your vehicle. On the flip side, filling up your petrol BMW X3 with diesel can also cause some drastic damage to your engine and vehicle as a whole. It’s important to take the necessary steps to fix the problem as soon as you realise that you have misfuelled your car. The quicker you take action, the more you can save on damages. Here’s what you should do if you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel in your BMW X3:


  • If you haven’t started your vehicle yet, do not turn the ignition on. Leave your car off until the professionals arrive, this will prevent the wrong fuel from flowing through your engine and can save on damages.
  • If you’re already driving once you realise something is wrong, pull over when it is safe to do so and turn off the ignition immediately.
  • Put your vehicle in neutral and call us at Wrong Fuel Rescue. Our 24hr hotline can assist you at any time.
  • Sit back and wait for help to arrive.


It is best to not panic if you find yourself in this situation. Our team of professionals are experienced and efficient. We will be able to assist you and get you back on the road in no time.


We offer a mobile service, making us one of the most efficient and dependable services for when you find yourself in need of a wrong fuel rescue. Don’t hesitate to call one of our trusted staff members as soon as possible should you find yourself in need of a wrong fuel rescue for your BMW X3.