The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Audi Q5


The new Audi Q5 is where character, sportiness, and utility in a vehicle all come together to bring you an SUV that is as popular as ever. The Q5 blends size, performance, and ability into a perfect balance of luxury and versatility – a first-class SUV that effortlessly handles the requirements of everyday driving.


The latest version of the renowned family vehicle impresses once again as it offers everything you would expect from the compact luxury, crossover SUV – and so much more! Read this Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to learn everything you need to know about this timeless classic as well as what to do should you happen to fill up with the wrong fuel.


A Quick History of the Audi Q5


In its relatively short existence, the Q5 has certainly made its mark on the motoring and luxury SUV world as a mid-size sports utility vehicle. The Q5 is one of the German manufacturer’s top-selling models that built a reputation for engineering and design excellence. The first-generation model was released in 2008, strutting the unmistakable, timeless design of the Q-family that still serves as the inspiration for the majority of their SUV designs to this day.


The initial Q5 was created to be a smaller version of its big brother, the Q7, and leaned on the same exterior design while being amalgamated with the wheelbase and some of the mechanics of the Audi A4. This resulted in a luxury compact crossover that had the power of an SUV and with the fuel economy of a Sedan, making it a great choice for families in suburbia.


In 2013 the first-generation Q5 received its first facelift that featured redesigned front and rear lights, as well as a power boost in a new set of engines that increased both output and efficiency. The facelift was also accompanied by major technological advances for the time, such as a blind spot monitoring system, GPS navigation, and the well-known Olufsen Sound system.


2018 was the official release of the second-generation Q5 which saw significant changes to the interior and exterior of the SUV, of which most notably was an increased wheelbase of 88mm (3.5 inches) that gave passengers 23% more legroom. The body was notably larger and the flashy design made the vehicles look sportier and more formidable. The update also introduced the revolutionary MMI (Multi Media Interface) infotainment system.


The 2021 and newer models once again feature notable design changes, though a homage to the very first design is always noticeable. The exterior facelift revisions include updates to the grille, bumper side air intakes, side sill, and rear trim. These models also feature a revamped version of the much-acclaimed infotainment system, namely Generation 3 infotainment technologies or MIB 3 which includes everything from a digital marketplace in the app to satellite radio.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to the Q5 Derivatives


Being one of the best-selling models Audi has produced to date, there are numerous derivatives available when it comes to the Audi Q5. They range from entry-level, to luxury diesel, to performance and Sportback versions.


Aside from the standard Q5 you can also find the SQ5 – the first Q-line that received the S-badge and is essentially the performance version of the stock model. In terms of size and weight specs, the two offerings are vertically identical, the only difference coming in the curb weight is because of different engines.


Over and above this, both versions are available in a Sportback offering that features an athletic coupe-like design using a raked roofline that is notably different from the standard model. However, the engine options for the Sportback options remain the same as for the normal Q5 lines.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide: Engine and Performance of the Q5


The 2022 Q5 offers a standard 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine across the board that features a 7-speed s-Tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission. The engines come available in both diesel and petrol options and come in the power output sizes of 35, 40, and 45 which equates to 120, 150, and 183 kilowatts respectively.


However, it must be noted that the 35 TFSI (petrol) is the only model not available in a diesel option and is also the only model that uses a front-wheel drivetrain as opposed to Quattro which Audi is famous for.


In terms of fuel economy, the Q5 performs well, especially compared to other vehicles in its class. The consumption comes in right where you expect it would be, with an average of between 6.2 litres/100km and 9.2 litres/100km – depending on the engine of course.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Audi Q5’s Exterior


Though the changes are subtle, the 2022 Q5’s exterior still makes a luxurious, sporty impression. The facelift is concise while still maintaining the shape of its predecessors. The front sports a bigger grille with octagonal cutouts for some models that gives the SUV a much-needed fresh look. The other changes include revamped bumpers, slimmer LED headlamps, and the all-new OLED rear lights. The wheels start off with 19-inch alloys that can be customised while the colour of the exterior is available in two solid, and seven metallic paint finishes.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Audi Q5’s Interior and Space


Audi is renowned for high-quality and spacious interiors and the Q5 is no exception. The SUV can comfortably accommodate five adults and their baggage for more than just short journeys. There’s heaps of shoulder space and headroom in the front and back and even that tapering roofline of the Sportback versions won’t bother taller passengers. The spacious boot also grants enough room for every passengers’ luggage.


All the surfaces have that premium look and feel that you would come to expect from a luxury SUV, with seats that look and feel the part. The seat-dashboard material combinations come in a range of different colours. Audi’s innovative Build Your Audi feature gives you the freedom to make your Audi Q5 your own, with a near-endless list of customisation options to shape the interior to your exact liking.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Audi Q5 Features and Technology


Audi has never been one to shy away from innovation and technology and you can expect to find this to be the case when it comes to the new Q5 range. The SUV is loaded with technology features that are intended to make the driving experience that much more luxurious and comfortable. Wrong Fuel Rescue takes a look at some of our favourites.


Multimedia Interface (MMI)


All new Q5 models come equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system that has impressive functionality and a high-resolution display. A wide array of features can be accessed and adjusted via the touchscreen for ultimate convenience. The system comes loaded with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which means you can simply connect your phone to the system and the screen becomes an extension of your mobile device. This is a safety feature that is designed to eliminate the need to handle your phone while you drive.


The navigation is not only easy on the eye but has a fantastic user interface as well. Furthermore, the system can incorporate Amazon’s Alexa to be your personal AI as you drive, while giving you access to smart devices installed at your home. You also get a hybrid digital radio, Sirius XM with 360L, on-demand navigation, and a new myAudi app with access to real-time information which has a variety of beneficial features.


Virtual cockpit


Even though it was first introduced back in 2014, The Virtual Cockpit is still one of the stand-out features of the Audi Q5. Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is a digital instrument cluster with a 12.3-inch TFT screen behind the steering wheel where you would traditionally expect analog counters. It’s a configurable system where the driver can choose which information should be displayed and can be configured to show traditional dials, the navigation map, as well as phone and audio information all at once.


OLED rear lights


Audi makes use of OLED technology in the rear lights of the Q5. It allows motorists with different options for light patterns or “signatures” as the manufacturer refers to it. In a more practical sense, the lights can serve as a proximity warning for approaching vehicles when they get too close and will adjust the OLED brightness to full to warn the approaching driver.


The Wrong Fuel Rescue Guide to Audi Q5’s Safety


It’s safe to say that the Audi Q5 is just as big on its safety as it is on its tech. The Q5 repeatedly maintains its 5-star rating across the board from the NHTSA as well as a “Good” safety rating (the highest possible) from the IIHS. The contributing safety features to these ratings are as follows:


  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Traffic Jam Assist
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Audi Pre Sense Basic
  • Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Audi Side Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Assist
  • Front, side, and overhead airbags
  • Parking Assist
  • Indirect Tire-Pressure Monitoring System
  • Hill Descent Control


Need a Wrong Fuel Rescue for your Audi Q5?


Misfuelling is what happens when the wrong fuel has been dispensed into an engine that it was not intended for. As a new Audi Q5 owner, this is a misfortune that could easily happen to you. You may accidentally end up misfuelling your diesel Audi Q5 with petrol, or possibly misfuelling your petrol Q5 with diesel. Forgetting which engine you settled on, in summary, is an easy error to make.


When an engine has gotten the incorrect fuel, it could result in significant and costly damage to the engine if it’s not addressed as quickly as possible. Knowing what the signs of filling up with the wrong fuel are, is the first line of defence in ultimately saving the engine of your Audi Q5.


If you have accidentally filled up your petrol Audi Q5 with diesel, one or more of the following signs may occur:


  • Loud knocking sounds from inside the vehicle
  • Significant amount of smoke pouring from the exhaust
  • Stuttering vehicular movements while driving
  • Vehicle may suddenly cut out


Alternatively, if you have misfuelled your diesel Audi Q5 with petrol, you may notice the following signs:


  • Vehicle has trouble starting up, or won’t start at all
  • Engine cuts out frequently
  • Vehicle jerks constantly while driving


If you observe any or multiple of the signs above, you might have filled up your Audi Q5 with the wrong fuel. So, what do you do? We suggest that you pull over and switch your car off immediately so that no further damage can take place.


Subsequently, get in touch with Wrong Fuel Rescue right away. We have rescued countless Audi Q5 owners that have misfuelled their vehicles and we’ll be able to sort you and your car out just as swiftly and professionally as we always do.