The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the 2022 Subaru Outback


The all-new version of what has come to be known as Subaru’s “original” crossover, is a sleek, off-road-capable station wagon that has made its mark on the market already. The 2022 Subaru Outback, and all its available variants, are viewed as highly practical and efficient when getting off the beaten track (and doing so with style). The automobile company’s all-wheel drive system has proven itself time and time again to its devoted clientele, and it is no wonder why the 2022 model has been received so well by the industry. Find out everything you need to know about the new Subaru Outback – as well as what to do should you find yourself in need of a wrong fuel rescue while driving it.


A brief history of the Subaru Outback


It is not hard to see how the Subaru Outbacks of today outshine their predecessors. Despite this, the beginnings of the model are humble and inspiring – dating back to its emergence in 1994, under the name of the Subaru Legacy Wagon. Since then, both the Outback and the Legacy have split paths and forged their own distinct identities in the industry. The Outback, both then and now, is recognisable by its signature features of a flat roof and expansive windows. Subaru began by advertising the vehicle as the solution to difficult outdoor adventures, and resulting intrigue lead to over 20,000 Outback models being sold in its very first generation.


The latest generation of Outbacks began in 2020, which not only gave long-time fans a chance to drive their favourite vehicle with all the latest technology, but also inspired a new love for the model in drivers around the globe. The latest Outbacks can be picked out of a crowd by their signature bumpers, massive front grilles and characteristically flat roofline. One thing that has changed, however, is the narrowing of the traditionally wide windows on the vehicle in order to give the model a modern edge. The 2022 Subaru Outback – somewhat depending on which variant you choose – is available in the following colours


  • Crystal black silica
  • Ice silver metallic
  • Crystal white pearl
  • Magnetite grey metal
  • Abyss blue pearl
  • Autumn green metallic
  • Crimson red pearl
  • Brilliant bronze metallic
  • Cinnamon brown pearl
  • Geyser blue.


Driving the 2022 Subaru Outback


Subaru has been proud to claim that the 2022 Outback gives drivers the go-anywhere, all-weather capabilities of standard symmetrical AWD (all-wheel drive) while at the same time remaining highly efficient. The celebrated Subaru Boxer engine, turbocharged with a 260-horsepower direct-injection system, provides 277 pound-feet of torque – allowing thrilling daily driving experiences while still being able to reach over 12 kilometres per litre on a highway. The Subaru Outback has a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres.


The boast-worthy Subaru Symmetrical AWD system is designed with the intent to optimise both balance and traction, and the powerful system is found lying along the centreline of the vehicle. As a result, it balances weight distribution between the two sides of the vehicle in order to ensure prime control and performance. In addition, the system makes sure to keep the power routed to all four of the automobile’s wheels, which results in extraordinary grip regardless of rough terrain, rain and snow. The balanced layout of the system means that drivers can always count on an infallible and solid connection with the road.


Under the hood of the vehicle resides the impressive Subaru Boxer engine, known to combine efficiency, power and balance. The engine differs from its competitors due to its in-line and horizontal design, which reduces vibrations whilst driving and as a result provides a smoother ride. Power is transferred in an outstanding fashion. Where other engines are turned perpendicular or transverse, they often require additional drivetrain components to effectively transfer power, which results in reduced automobile efficiency. The Subaru Boxer engine does not suffer from these issues.


The pistons of this engine move horizontally in the engine’s low, flat profile. Essentially, it is almost completely symmetrical, and its low profile ensures a lower centre of gravity. This encourages a quick handling response as well as flat, sure cornering. The 2022 Outback boasts a number of different engine versions from which the buyer can choose when selecting their preferred model. These engines include:


  • A 2.5-litre engine boasting a significant displacement than other versions. The 2.5-litre variant offers 182 horsepower which ensures a great driving response.
  • A 2.4-litre direct-injection turbocharged engine is also available. This engine is capable of generating a high torque of 277 as well as horsepower of 260. Despite this, it is said to maintain outstanding fuel efficiency.
  • A 2.5-litre turbocharged engine that brings with it a long history of success in durability and performance. It has 4 cylinders and provides a hefty 310 horsepower, as well as a significant torque curve. It takes the place of most powerful engine in the Subaru Boxer division.


The 2022 Outback also graces drivers with the X-Mode feature, a system that optimises the standard AWD for prime traction on difficult or slippery surfaces, as well as ensuring hill descent control that bolsters the confidence of the driver and passengers when faced with challenging angles. The vehicle also features up to 24 centimetres of ground clearance, meaning that the vehicle can practically be taken anywhere. In Onyx Edition XT and Wilderness models, dual-function X-Mode is included.


Inside the Subaru Outback


The 2022 Outback is well-loved for its roominess and impressive cargo space. Reviewers have claimed that there is enough room for all passengers of the vehicle inside the quiet and sophisticated cabin. The automobile trumps the passenger room specs of the Jeep Cherokee, Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 – which stands testament to its comfort. With 32.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, there is enough room for any sporting and camping gear – ensuring thrilling adventures with friends and family.


Cargo area release levers make it incredibly easy to fold down the rear seats, which offers up to 75.7 cubic feet of cargo volume as a result. The available hands-free power rear gate feature offers automatic opening, which comes in handy when arms are loaded with gear. Offering even more storage space are the raised roof rails that feature enhanced tie-downs for secure transporting. They are perfect for carrying bikes, kayas, skis and more.


The interior of the 2022 Subaru Outback (depending on the model) is available in the following colours/designs:


  • Slate black cloth
  • Slate black leather
  • Warm ivory cloth
  • Warm ivory leather
  • Java brown Nappa leather
  • Titanium grey cloth
  • Titanium grey leather
  • Grey StarTex
  • Black StarTex


When it comes to multimedia, the standard 2022 Outback features a STARLINK multimedia system that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Making it simple to select entertainment as well as check navigation, the 11.6-inch high-resolution touchscreen is also available. Hands-free smart phone operation coupled with wireless pairing offers safer connection to your top applications and content. Accessing music, podcasts and news has never been easier.


Safety features in the 2022 Subaru Outback


The 2022 Outback boasts a plethora of safety features that ranks it high on the Wrong Fuel Rescue safety list. One of these features is the Standard EyeSight Driver Assist technology, which has been proven to reduce rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%, Subaru claims. This, and similar technology, monitors traffic movement, ensures optimal cruise control as well warns the driver when they stray outside of their lane. Another compelling feature is the Automatic Pre-Collision Braking system, which is capable of applying full braking force and consequently bringing the automobile to a complete stop in the event of emergencies. Coming in handy during long trips and frustrating traffic is the Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering feature, which assists the driver with throttle control, steering and braking.


In some models, the Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation system is available, which is known to reduce distracted driving even for the most experienced of drivers. This system is comparable to having a co-pilot in the vehicle while driving, who is able to provide alerts should the driver become drowsy or distracted. Amazingly, the DriverFocus system can recognise up to five different drivers – recording and remembering their preferences regarding outside mirror position, climate settings as well as seat position.


The 2022 Outback also offers an entire suite of safety technologies that serves to protect both the driver and passengers, one of which is the Blind-Spot Detection system, which helps by warning the driver with a visual indicator on both side mirrors should a vehicle be driving in the automobile’s blind spot. This technology is highly effective in reducing accidents. Another system, the Rear Cross-Traffic alert, assist in warning the driver should vehicles approach from the side while reversing. With the available Reverse Automatic Braking system, the Outback is even able to stop itself in order to avoid objects located behind the vehicle.


The 2022 Outback is also kitted with crash protection for each passenger. The vehicle is built on the Subaru Global Platform. A base which makes use of high-strength steel that provides enhanced crash safety as well as a quieter cabin. Featuring eight airbags as well as height-adjustable head restraints, the Outback is the perfect vehicle for transporting precious family members. The ring-shaped reinforcement frame also offers all-around impact protection in the event of an accident. Standing testament to these models’ safety is the 5-Star overall vehicle score presented by the National Highway Traffic Administration for the 2021 model.


Need a wrong fuel rescue in your Subaru Outback?


Due to the 2022 Outback’s resilience and efficacy, it may come as a surprise to some that wrong fuel mishaps can cause damage to vehicle’s engine systems. Unfortunately, however, no petrol or diesel automobile is immune. We at Wrong Fuel Rescue are no strangers to assisting drivers who have mis-fuelled their Subaru Outbacks – a common occurrence that takes place due to distraction, tiredness or general unfamiliarity with the vehicle. In some cases, contaminated fuel – almost impossible to detect – is the culprit.


Do you need a wrong fuel rescue in your petrol engine Subaru Outback?


Often the result of using mislabelled jerry cans at a fuel station, mis-fuelling a petrol engine vehicle is a common mistake. Fortunately, in 99.9% of situations, this error can be amended with our services. Should you fail to realise your mistake before driving off, you are likely to notice the following signs in your automobile:


  • The engine frequently cutting out
  • The vehicle battling to start, or outright being unable to start at all
  • Jerking movements from the vehicle whilst driving
  • Large amounts of smoke may emerge from the exhaust pipe


Need a wrong fuel rescue in your diesel engine Subaru Outback?


Should you accidentally mis-fuel your diesel engine Subaru Outback with petrol and drive off without realising it, you are likely to notice these symptoms from your vehicle:


  • A loud, knocking sound from the interior of the automobile
  • Lacklustre performance
  • Slower acceleration
  • Significant amounts of smoke emerging from the exhaust
  • The vehicle suddenly cutting out.


In both cases of mis-fuelling, pulling over as soon as possible (ensuring you do so in a safe manner) is of the utmost importance. From then, contact us at wrong fuel rescue for fast and reliable solutions.