The Wrong Fuel Rescue guide to the 2022 Kia Sportage


First appearing in 1995 as a joint venture with Lotus engineering, the Kia Sportage has become one of the globe’s most popular crossover SUVs. This modern vehicle received its first major facelift in 2008, and since then has been subject to numerous revisions (inside and out) that have kept it an imposing competitor in the market. Revealed in the latter months of 2021, the 2022 Kia Sportage boasts an innovative design marked by sleek angles and futuristic technology – much of which will be explored throughout this blog. Ffind out all you need to know about the Kia Sportage, its newest models as well as what to do should you find yourself in need of a wrong fuel rescue in your very own Kia Sportage.


A brief history of the Kia Sportage


The compact SUV – classified as such since 2004 – was first manufactured by the South Korean company, Kia, in 1993. The first-generation Sportage was built with a Mazda Bongo base platform, sharing many mechanical components with the latter. This occurred during Kia’s alliance with Mazda and Ford, which consisted of the two companies providing technology, and Kia providing affordable manufacturing facilities in exchange. Between 1995 and 1998, the Sportage was manufactured by the Karmann company in Germany, and as a result, the European market received German-built versions while the rest of the globe received South Korean-built ones.


Back then, the Sportage came in the format of a 3-door soft-top convertible as well as a 5-door SUV. Although Kia initially developed the wagon with a standard length, they released an extended length version in 1996. In 2009, the Consumer Reports reliability survey named the Kia Sportage as one of the most reliable vehicles – bolstering its brand and reputation.


What’s new for 2022


There is no lack of change when it comes to the design of the newest Kia Sportage that debuted some months ago near the end of 2021. Before it had been described as a “cutesy crossover” whereas today it has been referred to as an “upscaled offering” all wrapped up in a highly sleek-looking package. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Sportage is its front-end design. Its characteristic, Tiger Nose grille has gone all digital – meaning that it cannot really be referred to as a grille anymore at all.


It now takes the form of a 3-piece styling feature that futuristically combines silver garnish, the hood and black trim that sits comfortably above the vehicle’s actual grille. Kia has donned the system the Digital Tiger Face, and it is flanked with aesthetically pleasing, boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights. Moving to the rear, it can be agreed that its design is much more conventional than the front. It features a protruding bumper coupled with curved taillights.


In terms of colours, the vehicle is available in 8 – depending on the variant you may choose. Regardless, these colours include:


  • Steel grey
  • Clear white
  • Gravity grey
  • Dawning red
  • Fusion black
  • Vesta blue
  • Snow white pearl
  • Jungle wood green


The prominent exterior beautifully and impressively encases a truly elegant interior. In one of the 2022 model’s first debuts, a higher-trim model was recorded featuring ventilated and 3-mode heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, 2-mode heated rear seats as well as a plethora of interesting technology updates. However, it was noted that the vehicle lacks any physical controls for the climate system or media. Alternatively, the new Sportage offers a small digital screen (fitted below the 12.3-inch infotainment display) through which drivers and passengers can control the interior of the vehicle.


The new Sportage is well-connected too, when you consider its online voice recognition feature, online navigation, over the air software updates as well as the vehicle’s ability to pull in calendar appointments from you cell phone to help keep you in the know. Kia has its own smartphone app, known as Kia Connect, which will be useful should you find yourself in close proximity to a new Kia – and particularly useful if you manage to lose your Kia in a humongous parking area.


Kia has made clear its aim to improve the overall on-road driving experience with its newer models’ electronic suspension systems coupled with continuous damping control. The latter refers to the continuous, map-controlled adjustment of the damper settings, which in an air suspension system, provides better ride comfort, driving pleasure as well as safety. The system even promotes higher-quality handling when the vehicle is driven over off-road terrain or loose surfaces. The 2022 Sportage also features an electronic all-wheel drive to assist in similar ways – and thanks to the vehicle’s new “terrain mode,” the vehicle will be able to make its way come mud, snow or sand.


Under the hood of the 2022 Kia Sportage


In brief, the 2022 Sportage features a 181 horsepower, 2.4-litre 4-cylinder base engine and a fuel tank capacity of 62 litres. Another available engine option is the much more powerful 240 horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder. When it comes to drivetrain, the 2022 model features a standard front-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive is also available. The model also boasts a 6-speed automatic transmission. While the 2022 Sportage receives a decent acceleration from the base engine, most people agree that the optional turbocharged powertrain is far more impressive and enjoyable.


Inside the 2022 Kia Sportage


Each 2022 Sportage variant features a leather-appointed steering wheel, and the SX and S models boast cloth seat trims. Further, the SX+ possesses artificial leather, whereas the GT-Line comes with leather-appointed seats coupled with artificial suede. The base S version features a high-quality 8.0-inch colour touchscreen – which can be increased to a 12.3-inch screen in upgraded trims.


Accommodating 5 passengers, the 2022 Kia Sportage is considered to be a comfortably spacious SUV. It features a cargo space of 30.7 cubic feet – and when the seats are down, it offers 60.1 cubic feet. In both rows, there is a decent amount of leg and headroom. The front row passengers will enjoy 39.3 inches of headroom with 41.5 inches of legroom, with the rear seat passengers experiencing similar amounts. Storing items within the vehicle should not pose too much of an issue, seeing as the cabin is equipped with door pockets, storage compartments as well as cupholders.


When it comes to accessories, the 2022 Sportage boasts many. Standard equipment includes 2 USB chargers in the front tray, single-zone air conditioning in the base S (and dual-zone for the other grades), a cargo cover and 2 12-volt outlets. Further, it offers remote central locking with a boot release, power windows, an alarm, power windows as well as follow-me-home headlights. The latter is an increasingly-common safety feature that has to do with the vehicle’s headlights remaining on when the driver either unlocks the vehicle using the key or alternatively switched the ignition off.


The headlights remain on for around 10 to 15 seconds in order to provide a well-lit path for you to find your vehicle or allow you to enter your home with a clear track. For individuals on their own entering their home, it provides a great deal of comfort. It is clear to see how the system can be really helpful in a number of different situations.


In terms of connectivity, the vehicle is home to wireless Android Auto, Wireless Apple CarPlay as well as Bluetooth – that are available in the standard models. In higher grade variants, wired CarPlay with DAB digital radio. The higher grade variants also feature paddle shifters, privacy glass, a remote folding second row seat as well as a hands-free power tailgate.


Safety in the 2022 Kia Sportage


The 2022 SUV boasts a rather extensive array of standard safety features, and as a result, we at Wrong Fuel Rescue consider the vehicle to rank high on our safety list. Some of its safety features include:


  • Hill start assist control
  • Downhill brake control
  • Electronic stability control
  • High line tire-pressure monitoring system
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Lower anchors and tethers for children.
  • The model also comes with the Kia Drive Wise Driver Assist Technology, an intuitive suite that possesses advanced safety features such as:
  • Blind-spot collision warning
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Lane departure warning
  • Smart cruise control with stop and go technology
  • Forward collision-avoidance assist, coupled with pedestrian detection.


Need a wrong fuel rescue in your Kia Sportage?


No matter how well we may know our vehicle – or not – wrong fuel mishaps do occur. We at Wrong Fuel Rescue frequently come to the aid of Kia Sportage drivers, many of whom mis-fuelled their vehicles due to stress and distraction. In some cases, contaminated fuel also plays a part. Regardless of the error, filling up with the incorrect fuel requires immediate attention and solutions, and with our professional expertise and practices, we should have you back on the road in no time.


Mis-fuelling your petrol Kia Sportage with diesel


Mis-fuelling with diesel is a common error, and in most cases can be solved without much damage occurring to the vehicle. Should you realise your error before driving off from the fuel station, you can count yourself lucky. This drastically reduces the chance of damage to your vehicle. If you find yourself in this situation, do not even place your key in the ignition, and certainly do not start your engine, as this begins the process of circulating the incorrect fuel in your vehicle.


Should you have failed to recognise your error and drive off, the following signs will alert you to the fact that you require a Wrong Fuel Rescue:


  1. Large amounts of smoke billowing from the exhaust pipe
  2. The engine repeatedly cutting out
  3. Jerking movements while driving
  4. A failure to start in the first place.


Mis-fuelling your diesel engine Kia Sportage with petrol


Mis-fuelling with petrol is a much more common mistake, and unfortunately can be far more damaging than the alternative. Diesel engines require the high levels of lubricant in diesel in order to function, and petrol’s lack of lubrication can cause friction in the system that results in metal fragments breaking off and damaging the fuel injection facility. Nevertheless, we at Wrong Fuel Rescue can solve the issue in 99.9% of cases. If you fail to realise your mistake before driving away, you are likely to notice the following signs from your vehicle:


  1. Lacklustre acceleration
  2. An illuminated engine warning light
  3. Excessive smoke issuing from the exhaust pipe
  4. A loud knocking noise coming from the interior of the vehicle
  5. A complete failure to start
  6. The engine cutting out repeatedly.


In both cases, we at Wrong Fuel Rescue are but a phone call away, and can assist you in most areas in the country at affordable rates. We are also on call for any advice you may need regarding insurance. For professional, fast and efficient service, Wrong Fuel Rescue is your number one choice.