Getting Medical Services To The Outback

Many of us rely on our vehicles for both work and pleasure. From the daily commute to social engagements around town, our cars give us the freedom and convenience to navigate through daily life.

But what if your car served an even higher purpose…such as providing medical services to residents living in remote areas? When the health of others is in your hands, being stranded with a car that won’t start after a fueling mishap is a serious problem.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the situation one of our customers found themselves in. As a vehicle that travels outback Queensland providing x-ray and other imaging services to remote areas, it was important to get the Measure Up van back on the road as soon as possible!

Once the driver called our team, Wrong Fuel Rescue arrived to the Blacksoil, QLD location within the hour, swiftly and safely completing our fuel evacuation procedure and getting the vehicle back on the road within 45 minutes.

Our very happy and relieved customer then proceeded with his 9 hour journey to Charleville, bringing much needed medical services to those too elderly or ill to travel to major centers.

  1. Accidents happen, but whether you’ve put diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a diesel engine, it’s vital you seek assistance from Wrong Fuel Rescue immediately.

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