• I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car, what should I do?

    Firstly, don’t panic, we can help. Call us for our expert advice and during this time do not start your engine.

  • I’ve already driven off with the wrong fuel in the car, can you still help me?

    Yes, we may still be able to help. In 99% of cases our specialist fuel rescue service will be able to repair your mistake at the roadside.

    Although rare, unfortunately in some cases, you may have already caused damage to the fuel system, it is important you do not try and drive any further.

    Call us to speak to one of our technicians who will be able to advise.

  • I have breakdown assist, can they help me?

    Generally, breakdown assistance companies do not cover misfuelling.

    At best, they will be able to organise a tow back to one of their repair centres.

    This can be both a costly and timely exercise.

    Call us to discuss your best options.

  • My car is under warranty; can I take it back to the dealership?

    Unfortunately; putting the incorrect fuel in your car may void your warranty.

    Repair bills to rectify this can range anywhere from $500 right up to a staggering $45,000 in some extreme cases.

    Be sure you know what your getting yourself in for before calling your dealership. As specialists in this field we know what you may or may not be liable for.

    We always act to provide advice in your best interests. A simple phone call to us could save you thousands.

  • If I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car, what damage can be done?

    Putting Petrol into Diesel will prevent the necessary lubrication of vital components of the fuel system and could cause permanent damage. Further more it will also cause the engine to misfire (pre-detonation) leading to potential engine failure.

    Driving your vehicle on any mixed ratio of petrol is likely to cause engine damage over the long term and should be avoided at all costs.

    Putting Diesel into a Petrol will result in Diesel not being burnt off during normal combustion.

    This will foul the spark plugs and work its way into the oil lubricating system causing fast deterioration of the engine internal components.

  • Why call Wrong Fuel Rescue instead of a tow truck and a car repair garage?

    We are the misfuelling experts.  Our specialist fuel rescue mechanics attend to more vehicle misfuels in one week than your average mechanic will see in their lifetime.

    With that high level of experience and our 24/7 on call mechanics, we guarantee to have your vehicle repaired and back on the road in a fraction of the time and cost compared to our competitors.

    With an average repair time of just 45 minutes and average cost savings of between $300 – $600 compared to other main dealerships and breakdown providers its easy to see why people choose us.

    Don’t just take our word for it, please read our Facebook and Google reviews to see what some of our customers had to say about us.

  • Can I just take my car to my regular mechanic?

    Certainly. However, depending on how busy your mechanic is, expect to be without your car for a few days. You will also have to organise a tow truck to get your car there and transport arrangements there after.

    Be-aware of hidden charges and make sure you obtain a full written quote that includes everything before you give the go-ahead.

    Unlike most workshops we carry out your repairs under your watch full eye, our mechanics are happy to talk you through the whole process and can explain step by step what they are doing and why.

    With this level of transparency and our first class service its easy to see why people choose us.

  • Can I just drain my tank myself?

    Recovering fuel from a fuel tank of a car is not as easy as some of us may think. Despite what many people assume, modern fuel tanks are not fitted with drain plugs.