Diesel in a Petrol Car! Car owned for 30 years

Mistakes can happen to the best of us. Take this customer for example, who after 30 years, put diesel into their petrol 1964 Ford Anglia.

A simple lapse in concentration or distraction is all it takes to put the wrong fuel into a vehicle you have been putting the right fuel in, for 30 years.

Lucky, Wrong Fuel Rescue, wasn’t too far away and were able to get to the customer as soon as we could. It wasn’t the easiest engine to drain, being a 1600cc crossflow engine with high comp pistons and lumpy cam. However, we still managed to do the job in our service guarantee time of 1 hour.

The customer was really happy with the service, five stars for us. Thanks, to our awesome technician Cody, for doing great work.

15th May 2018, Perth, 1964 ford anglia

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