Contaminated Fuel

Issues with contaminated fuel are uncommon. If your vehicle shows any of these signs it is recommended you stop driving as soon as possible and contact us for further help and advise.

Signs of contaminated fuel include;

  • Engine running rough or stalling
  • Engine harder to start than usual
  • Misfiring, pinging or backfiring
  • “Engine Check” light illuminated
  • Sickly sweet smelling exhaust fumes
  • White powdery residue in the tailpipe and or spark plugs


If you believe you have purchased faulty or sub-standard fuel:

Seek advice as soon as possible – Call us on 1300 28 28 20

Advise the service station and fuel company where you bought the fuel from that you have a problem

Retain your proof of purchase, which may be a receipt or card transaction docket, identifying the time and date of purchase of fuel

We will collect a sample of the suspect fuel as evidence for future claims against repairs and damage from the fuel supplier.

We will advise the best course of action to either fix the problem or wait until the investigation of this matter has concluded.

We recommend reporting fuel quality issues to the federal department of the environment, department of fuel on 1800 803 772 or by filling out this form

Consumers may also contact consumers affairs for further advise