Canstar Blue Feature – What happens when you put the wrong fuel in your car?

Consumer review and comparison super-site Canstar Blue recently spoke to Wrong Fuel Rescue for the expert insights into what happens when you put the wrong fuel in your car. Click here for the full feature or read on for our highlights of what follows a fuelling mishap…

You turn into the petrol station on your way home from work, thinking about what’s for dinner or the next episode of reality TV, and halfway through filling up you realise you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel in the car. It’s a common mistake, and one that we’re all likely to do at some point in our lives, but what should you do?

So what happens when you put petrol in a diesel car?

Mixing up petrol and diesel could spell the end for your engine! Diesel fuel systems works on a very fine tolerance at high pressures, and if petrol is added into the mixture, the lubrication properties are reduced, which can damage the fuel pump, as well as the injectors and the engine.

If you realise that you’re putting petrol in your diesel car while still at the bowser, it’s recommended that you stop and call Wrong Fuel Rescue. Starting the engine will cause the fuel to circulate through the fuel system, causing further contamination, so to keep damage to a minimum and stay away from the ignition.

If you don’t realise your mistake before you drive off, your car will let you know soon enough, as the engine will start making unusual noises. Quickly find a safe place to pull over and call Wrong Fuel Rescue for assistance on 1800 28 28 20. Never try to siphon the fuel yourself, and to wait for the professionals to help you get back out on the road.

What about putting diesel in a petrol car?

While you’ll suffer a similar fate if you fill your petrol car with diesel, you may struggle fitting the nozzle into the tank, as diesel nozzles are traditionally bigger than their petrol counterpart. If you do manage to fill up on diesel, call Wrong Fuel Rescue immediately.

So how can you avoid putting the wrong fuel in my car?

Unfortunately, paying attention when you swing into the petrol station is the only way to avoid ruining your car and your day so always take a moment and be sure before you fill up It should also be noted that any damage done to your car as a result of putting the wrong fuel type in isn’t covered by warranty and your insurance may not help either, meaning it can really cost your back pocket.

Accidents happen, but whether you’ve put diesel in a petrol engine or petrol in a diesel engine, it’s vital you seek assistance from Wrong Fuel Rescue immediately.

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