Contaminated Fuel

Assisting thousands of motorists each year, we understand how easy it is to put the wrong fuel in your car, whether its diesel in a petrol car or a petrol in a diesel car our team has seen it all. With that in mind it comes at no surprise that among the many diesel vehicles we attend sometimes AdBlue® is mistakenly put into the fuel tank.

As far as fuel mix ups go, AdBlue® in diesel or Adblue in Petrol is about as bad as it gets, leading to serious problems for the vehicle owner. We strongly advise you not to attempt to drive your vehicle if there is AdBlue® present in your fuel system. Instead leave it where its positioned at the petrol station and call us immediately. If you’ve made the mistake of driving your vehicle stop, call us and we`ll advise what to do next.

AdBlue® was developed as an additive to treat hazardous exhaust gas emissions on diesel vehicles fitted with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. It is not designed for the engine. AdBlue is made up of Deionised water and Automotive Grade Urea and is incompatible with all vehicle fuel systems. IT IS NOT A FUEL ADDITIVE.

If your fuel system is contaminated with AdBlue® the fuel tank will need to be drained and the fuel system flushed and cleaned. If driven it can often result in expensive repair costs with the need to replace numerous parts and components.

Our specialist vehicles are equipped to drain all makes and models to help customers who have mistakenly put AdBlue® in their fuel tanks. For your convenience, we provide a roadside mobile fuel draining service that enables us to quickly and efficiently drain your tank allowing you to be back on the road with minimal delay and expense.

If you have put AdBlue into your fuel – Wrong Fuel Rescue are the solution. Call us Now.

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