With 2,527 kms to go, the wrong fuel, was not the right time !

Don’t start your journey on the wrong foot. 

This customer, a friendly couple from Queensland had just packed up and sold all of their belongings. They were embarking on a massive journey, a casual 2,527 km journey ! They had decided to relocate from sunny QLD to the chilly, beautiful and remote Flinders Island, a small island located in the Bass Straight just above Tasmania.

The couple were all set to start their journey, the vehicle was full of their belongings, tummies were full after an early roadside breakfast and they had just filled up with a fresh tank of fuel.

To the couples dismay, amongst the mayhem – final calls to real estates, removalists and travel agents – they had accidentally put the wrong fuel into their car. A whopping 150 lts of Petrol instead of Diesel. ‘What a nightmare’ they thought !! They had only just started their journey in QLD and were on a deadline to make it to Melbourne in order to catch a ferry to Tassie ! Time was running out.

Mis-fuelling the vehicle was not what this friendly coupled need. Luckily, we were able to take the stress out of this one for her.

We were able to get on the scene pretty quick, and asses the situation, we had to wait briefly for a tanker, but never one to miss an opportunity, we all used the time to tuck into a Beefy’s pie, which was conveniently located at the service station they had misfueled at. love the chunky steak!

Misfuel, pie and all, we were still able to get the job down within the hour. When we finished the couple drove to Coffs harbour then on to melbourne from there. We checked in later, they made the ferry ! Just in the nick of time

We love a happy ending !

2nd April 2018, QLD, Landrover defender

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