About Us

About Us

Wrong Fuel Rescue is a 100% Australian Owned company, with a network of skilled Roadside Assistance mechanics spanning across Australia. Wrong Fuel Rescue provides both private and fleet motorists with an immediate time and cost efficient solution for vehicle mis-fuelling.

Since our establishment in 2015, Quality and customer service have been the forefront of our mission statement. Our commitment to quality is endorsed with our ISO 9001 accreditation. As industry leaders in this specialist field we have set many industry firsts. Through innovation we have raised the bar of what’s achievable as a roadside assistance provider.


We pride ourselves in being Australia`s Wrong Fuel Specialists. With that comes a wealth of experience and knowledge that we are happy to share with you. We always act to provide advice in your best interests.

A simple phone call to us could save you thousands.

Fuel Disposal

We are able to provide waste fuel disposal on your behalf. Each litre of fuel that is removed from your vehicle is tracked and recorded through each State and Territories own EPA (Environmental protection agency) waste transport tracking system. As Licensed waste carriers, the strict guidelines we follow ensures your waste fuel is handled and disposed of in a safe, approved and environmentally friendly way.

Fuel Draining

We offer immediate 24/7 roadside assistance for mis-fuelled vehicles at the roadside, service station, work place or home.

Watch our quick video below to see how we can help.


We are able to supply you with clean fuel at cost price.

As a large portion of our customers will break down at the roadside we always carry a provision of fuel on board to make sure you are able to continue on with your journey once we’ve drained and flushed your fuel system.


All of our helpful staff are qualified experienced mechanics. They ensure your fuel drain is carried out professionally, efficiently and safely. In addition to this they are also hold the appropriate licenses where required to handle and transport waste fuel in line with EPA and Dangerous Goods regulations.

Vehicles & Equipment

Our fuel rescue vehicles are installed with the most advanced equipment available. Purpose built for fuel recovery & fuel system flushing on all vehicles of any age.

GPS tracking enables us to quickly dispatch the nearest patrol mechanic to your location. Coupled with our custom live reporting software we are able to track and record every drop of fuel that is removed from your vehcile.

This ensures we meet strict standards for handling and transporting waste fuels and reaffirms our commitment to meet and exceed EPA and Dangerous goods regulations.

We set the benchmark for fuel recovery and are proud to be industry leaders in this specialised field.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in providing a unique professional service that our customers value and appreciate.

Calling Wrong Fuel Rescue eliminates the need to enlist multiple services to get you back on the road saving you time, money and hassle…

  • 24Hr Prompt Roadside Assistance
  • No Tow Trucks Required
  • No Lengthy Waits for Repairs
  • No Alternative Transport Required
  • No Costly Towing & Mechanics Bills
  • Fast, Hassle Free Service
  • Fully Insured & Licensed